Visit Macura museum and Macura warehouse in Novi Banovci. Get to know this peculiar architectural masterpiece and an opulent private art collection that stands on the slopes overlooking the Danube river.

The Museum Macura was opened in May 2008 and represents an important component in the Serbian art scene. The museum features the art collection Macura that is one of the largest private collections of modern art in south-east Europe and comprises the works of the 20th-century avant-garde artists, with much focus on the early 20th century movements such as Dada, Zenithism, Surrealism, Constructivism, Viennese activism, and others. It includes painting and sculpture, as well as industrial design. Macura’s contemporary art collection is complemented by comprehensive original documentation in the form of photographs, letters, magazines, and artifacts that contribute to a better understanding of the artists and movements themselves.

In addition, we will visit warehouse Macura which is also an integral part of Macura’s private art collection.
As well, we will drop by Slankamen and go on the tour of the winery Acumincum that contains a Turkish hammam and do a wine tasting with local finger food.

The number of participants is limited.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic masks are mandatory in the indoor spaces and in the minibus.
Data: May 22, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 12 pm
Guide: MA Marko Bogdanovic (art history)
Price: 25e (includes transportation and guided tour)+ 1000 RSD (includes entrance to Macura museum and warehouse+tour of the winery and wine tasting with local finger food)
Prices are per person

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Due to vehicle rentals and reservations, we are obliged to charge the ticket (25e+1000 RSD per person) in advance, in case of tour delay the money will be refunded