majamistry trio

On the 17th of April, at 9 pm, Majamistry trio from Novi Sad will honor the Belgrade audience with a concert at Cultural Centre Grad (KC Grad).

In a slightly changed composition: Maja Alvanovic (piano),  Ervin Malina (contrabass) and Lav Kovac (drums), trio will announce their third album which will be released in the autumn of 2019.

Critically acclaimed music of Majamistry trio is best described as an outer journey (all about jazz) and definitely won’t leave you indifferent!

After two very successful albums “Mistyland” (2011 SKC, Novi Sad) and “Love” (Cosmic Sounds Records, 2014), trio immediately drew attention for the original approach to composition and arrangements. The classic approach to composition and piano playing, the emotional charge close to the Scandinavian jazz production, and the recognizable lyrical atmosphere advocated by the famous publisher ECM Records is the starting point for new ventures of Majamistry trio.

The range of stylistic influences ranges from the famous guitarist Pete Metini to the dynamic and  modern expression of Esbjorn Svenson Trio.

Majamisty Trio grew up in an authentic concert attraction after numerous notable performances at Serbian jazz festivals and guest appearances in international scenes, from Kiev and Sofia, to Vienna and London, great reviews and reviews in the relevant foreign jazz media, and even successful distribution of CDs in distant countries as Japan.

Tickets can be purchased at the price of 300 RSD, at the entrance of KC grad in 4 Brace Krsmanovica St.