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From time to time night clubs do themselves a big big favor and book someone whose body of work is so impressive the whole night becomes a total dream come true. The mysterious figure called Marco Bernardi (AKA Carlos Adolfo Dominguez, Octogen, Parking Attendant) hails from the UK and has released material for champs such as Clone, Crème Organization, Frustrated Funk, Rawax, Soma Quality Recordings and Carl Craig’s Detroit-based infamous label Planet E. He is also one of those artists to whom the first sentence applies according to many fellow promoters from abroad.

In order to describe Marco Bernardi’s music, for all of you who need a description, we are going to borrow some of Legowelt’s wacky genres and invent some more: Forest Techno (courtesy of Legowelt), romantic ghetto technofunk (courtesy of Legowelt), Pacific strandedraftHouse, convertible Interstellar Thelma&Louise roadtripbeat, meteorshower voyeurTechno, Venusstripper backstageTechno, X-files OST not approved by the FBI, eatable Acid, pervert Electro, AquaHouse and all in all it’s THE music for burglars to chill to, perfect for breaking into state of the art safes.

In the words of Marco Bernardi: “brilliant excellent yeah forward thinking yeah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

Marco is going to do a LIVE SET and we can’t wait to hear these tracks (yeah, this would be the suck-up request moment): Klinsfrar Melode, Days Gone By and The Burning Love (both released on Clone’s nephew Royal Oak), Intrusion of Venus, Star Traveller, Casamba, Japanese firecrackers, Cyber 12, My New Juno, Motorways… the list is endless.

Ladies, gentlemen and all the gender options inbetween, your job is to dance-charm this guy and make him wanna visit our § temple again.

MARCO BERNARDI’s soundcloud:


Drug§tore’s favorites:

 (check out the badass artwork by The Hague’s magician illustrator Godspill Mehdi)


Who will be making Marco Bernardi company this Saturday, you ask?
Well, we kind of took it all over the top when it comes to superb taste and invited:
Why Bane Why, Drugstore Beograd’s resident DJ, known for his love towards all the mindfuck, dark, soul selling things with a beat,
HETEM LIVE, that boy Strahinja from Kill Me Laser, who’s just gonna drag you deeper to his electro hell,
Vitanov of Beyond House, ok we’re talking about a serious spirit whisperer here
33.10.3402, the infamous I’m-so-dark-I-melt-the-Boiler-Room-camera individual, who will have to be surrounded by our exorcist squad in order to keep you dancers intact.

This will be the night of the otherworldly so if you have a medium friend, it’s time to test his/her abilities.
Marco will be there to launch you into deep space after you survive all these local pagans.




§econd stage all-nighter by

DATE: June 14th Saturday from 23 h  

300 rsd before midnight
400 rsd after midnight

NEW ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58) 

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