In our column Meet a local we present interesting individuals from different professional fields living in Belgrade. The idea is to get to know some locals and their favorite neighborhoods and venues in the city.

Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi, I’m Dusan Lilic, a graphic designer. Locally, I’m known as someone who organizes parties (i.e. Panda Panda Collective). Lately, I’ve been enjoying hiking and spending time in nature with my family.

Has there been a new project lately?

There are always some exciting projects, the last one that would stand out is the illustration I did for the Novi Sad organization Prostor.

What do you like about Belgrade?

Currently, I enjoy weekends the most when I can go to the Zemun flea market with my family or get lost somewhere in nature. I used to be in love with the buildings of this city, I was fascinated by them when I was younger. I think the architecture of Belgrade is one authentic story and I always read it in some new way.

Where do you like to go out?

When we talk about bars, it’s usually Cetinjska (street): Lift, Zaokret, Dvoristance. My favorite club is KC Grad.

Name 3 of your favorite restaurants in the city.

I’m a pizza guy so Trattoria Campania, Master and Margarita. For local food, I would recommend Prolece and Durmitor. And, if you like local tavernas with fries and fish I recommend Radecki in Zemun- a small place on the river where you can grab a beer and enjoy chit chats with fishermen.

Where do you drink coffee?

The first thing in the morning is a cup of filter coffee for my wife and me. After that, I usually drink my second coffee at work but from time to time I really like to visit Coffee Dream and treat myself to a cup of big Moka (strong recommendation). In Zemun, there is also one authentic small cafeteria place called Mlin.