In our column Meet a local we present interesting individuals from different professional fields living in Belgrade. The idea is to get to know some locals and their favorite neighborhoods and venues in the city.

  1. Please introduce yourself to our readers:

My name is Jan Gustav Fiedler, I work as a curator and over the past few years, often together with Denis Leo Hegic, my partner in all things art-related, we have been organizing exhibitions and founding various formats. Among others, the Museum of Now (MON), is a traveling house for contemporary art that is searching for places of inspiration all over the world. And one of these places turned out to be Belgrade. So now I split my time between the three “B-cities” Berlin, Bec, and Beograd. Just as the b-side of a record is often more complex and experimental than the mainstream a-side, these three capitals with all their identity issues continue to be intriguing places of curiosity and inspiration.

2. Has there been a new project lately?

The latest project was also the main reason to spend more time in Belgrade. We just opened the Monolog Gallery for contemporary art at Cetinjska 15. For our premiere exhibition “Navigating all-inclusive vertigo” we are presenting a duo show with Vera Klimentyeva and Jelena Micic, which will be on display until the 18th of June. So everyone is invited to pass by the gallery daily between 17-21h to explore the artworks by these two incredible artists and navigate all-inclusive vertigo together with us.

3. What do you like about Belgrade?

The first thing I noticed when I came to Belgrade was the vibrant atmosphere in the evenings. So many people roaming the streets, promenading along the rivers, and having drinks outside the many bars and restaurants. This energy is present in so many aspects of the city, especially in the cultural scene. My personal experiences have been super positive so far, people are welcoming and open, making it easy to find new friends and get to know different personalities and places.

4. Where do you like to go out?

Barwise there are plenty of options, often I would just go for after-work drinks right in front of our door in one of the many places at Cetinsjka or go to Vracar and meet friends at a bar in that area. Other than that I spent my evenings visiting artists in their studios, going to openings, and sometimes ending up down by the river at 20/44 for some electronic music.

5. Name 3 of your favorite restaurants in the city?

“Druga Piazza” at Betonhala, Restoran Milosev Konak and Restoran Ribnjak.

6. Where do you drink coffee?

I enjoy discovering new places all over the city, especially in the beautiful small side streets, but the place I go to for coffee every day is Dvoristance, right next to our office at Cetinsjka 15.

7. Where do you spend your leisure time?

Since the past weeks have been pretty busy with all the preparations for setting up the Gallery and organizing the opening, leisure time has been a rare part of my daily schedule. But when I do have time I like to discover new areas by walking until I find a Café where I can sit with a coffee and read a book for a few hours.

8. Name your 3 favorite locations in Belgrade and justify your choice.

20/44 because they always play fantastic music, the crowds are very easy-going and the location down by the water is just incredible.

The many markets and flea markets where you can always discover some treasure or just dive into the atmosphere and browse the market stalls.

Evening walks, dinner and drinks down by the Save at Beton hala. This symbiosis of flowing water and pulsating city life is always a magical combination.