In our column Meet a local we present interesting individuals from different professional fields living in Belgrade. The idea is to get to know some locals and their favorite neighborhoods and venues in the city.

Please introduce yourself to our readers:

My name is Nikola. I’m also known as Johnny. I live in Pančevo, a city near Belgrade. At the moment I am finishing my Master’s studies in Architecture in Belgrade. With a couple of my friends, we organize music and art events at a local bar Štab Pogon (Pancevo city centre), our Mecca of alternative culture, where once a month I DJ, and for the past five months, I teach at a technical high school in Pančevo. So it is kinda busy right now.

Listen to Nikola’s mix here:čevox-mixtape-nikola-vuković/

Has there been a new project lately?

As I said we are organizing music and art events called HBTS Showcase. The concept of this party is to promote the best house music on our little/big local scene, as well as local artists with their work. On Friday 3.06. is our next event. Bane Bukazić and I are gonna play b2b, and Natalija Stojanović will showcase her street photo skills from Jerusalem and Pančevo. HBTS is short for Habitus which is the name of our little collective who recognized that on our local scene there is no space for young artists, especially alternative non-institutional, so we try to create that space and, if possible, explore our local context through different media and exhibitions.

What do you like about Belgrade?

Belgrade for me is a place where a lot of international artists and events are happening, so I try to experience as much as possible and educate myself in that kind of way. Also, I like to roam the streets because most of the time I walk through Belgrade.

Where do you like to go out?

Drugstore, Boat 20/44, Cetinjska, those kinds of places. I try to go out in Belgrade if some international DJ or band that I like is playing. Also, I try to visit as many art exhibitions as possible. For instance, in Kvaka22, U10, public museums, etc.

Name 3 of your favorite restaurants in the city?

There is one restaurant that is super nice. It’s Mornar, they have a daily menu with huge portions. I haven’t been to many restaurants in Belgrade, but in Pančevo there is Šajka and Kordun as one of the most phenomenal places to eat.

Where do you drink coffee?

Usually Greenet, they have a super spot right beneath Beogradjanka.

Where do you spend your leisure time?

As it’s a crazy time for me, leisure time is in small amounts. If I’m in Belgrade then it is because I have some work to do. Leisure time I spend at home or outside.

Name your 3 favorite locations in Belgrade and justify your choice.

Since I am not from Belgrade, my favorite location is the Museum of Contemporary Art. If I could, I would go there every day. The space is amazing and the last two shows were super great. Being from Pančevo I guess my favorite spot in the park in the city center, it’s part of you throughout your whole life and everything happens there, especially during summer. Parties, birthdays, hanging out, etc.