slavica tomas

In our new column Meet a local we present interesting individuals from different professional fields living in Belgrade. The idea is to get to know some locals and their favorite neighborhoods and venues in the city.

Please introduce yourself to our readers:

A punk and jazz listener, David Lynch and Živojin Pavlović lover and Anton Chekhov and Miloš Crnjanski reader.

Has there been a new project lately?

I have been translating two books: Planina koja me je volela (The Mountain That Loved Me) by Miodrag and Milan Pajević into English and Patrolling the Heart of the West by Steve Raabe into Serbian

What do you like about Belgrade?

I like how beautifully ugly it is. Belgrade is an ugly girl with beautiful deep eyes and a loving soul.

Slavica Tomas

Where do you like to go out?

I love strolling Vračar streets in the hot summer nights.

Name 3 of your favorite restaurants in the city?

Mezestoran Dvorište, Mala fabrika ukusa, Lorenzo i Kakalamba. These three are very different in style but always with great food.

Where do you drink coffee?

This is a tough one. There are many places where I like having my coffee, but let’s say Dokolica. It’s a small and nice café.

Where do you spend your leisure time?

Mostly at home.

Name your 3 favorite locations in Belgrade and justify your choice.

Kalemegdan and Gardoš are classic and iconic. The view and vibe are always great.

Vračar, though vastly changed lately, still has nice quiet streets with old houses to stroll through (see above).