Saturday, 19/03/2016, 22 : 00, KC GRAD, Brace Krsmanovica St.   

Midnight Orient Caffe No. 4

While we are still asking each other about the movie that was projected at the last event in February, we proudly announce very special guest from Turkey.

His name is Kozmonotosman, as his grandfather used to call  him. He will take the rug far away from earth, for sure with us on it. It is very obvious that his music melts disco and funk into Turkish folk music in a cosmic way. On the other hand, As Smooth As, our usual host, will be our tour guide during this one night journey.

Tickets: presale 200 rsd, at the door 350 rsd

Kozmonotosman (Turkey)




As Smooth As


1-When did you get into edit/remix community of this genre? How did it all start? Who seem to have been the influences?

I was mostly producing original tech-house and techno tracks before editing old Turkish songs. I met a couple of people during this period, and KaanDuzarat was one of them.  In a matter of years  I came across FOC Edits. It was very promising and encouraging for the music coming from our culture. I was brought up with these Turkish songs so when I was editing these old Turkish songs, I was enjoying it immensely. I didn’t have any commercial side to it in my mind  by doing this, I loved it and I was thoroughly enjoying.  Eventually, I met with Baris K, KaanDuzarat, Mehmet Aslan and Veyasin and I believe with support between each other we will do much better.

2-What have you been  working on lately? Any prospective track to edit to come?

Lately, I ve been  stuck with an album called SekerOglan,  produced by Doruk Onatkut in collaboration with  Arif SagI  I mostly spend my time digging up Anatolian funk and I think this will be heard in my set in Belgrade

3- Have you ever been here before or played in Balkans? Do you have any  expectations?

I have never been to the  Balkans. But I am sure there are very  friendly and fun people who know how to party

4-What have you been  listening to  lately?

I am searching for the old records of MesutAytunca, ZaferDilek, OzdemirErdogan. Actually I am always on the look out for  the old records.

5-How do you find “edit” culture and the audience in Turkey?

I think there are a lot of people who seem to be  appreciating this culture and luckily some of them are musicians so we end up having  quite beautiful edits at hand.

Author: Sertac from As Smooth As