The ninth edition of Mikser festival will be held from 25 to 28 May at the place where it all began – in former Žitomlin silos at the Lower Dorćol, under the autobiographical slogan “MIGRATION”. Favorite locations of Mikser Festival audience, at the Lower Dorćol will again host a huge number of top figures from the fields of architecture and design, urban development and planning, new technologies experts, engaged artists and musicians from the region and the world.

Mikser Festival 2017 will focus on establishing new relationships between the urban environment, society, art, nature and technology to form four main festival topics – MIGRATION, EDUCATION IN MOTION, THE FACTORY OF CULTURE, NATURE OF THE CITY. These themes reflect  the most current challenges that Serbian society and culture as well as the Mikser organisation are  facing.

Four key program topics will be treated through all aspects of the festival already known to the audience: Mikser Talks, City issues, Design, Visual Arts, Edu zones, Mikser Kids, Mikser Cinema, Mikser Music.

The special novelty of this year’s festival will be a four-day creative camp under the slogan “Hacking the Future” which will bring together young creative people from Serbia, the Balkans and Europe, with the aim of solving acute social problems through interdisciplinary team work with the help of creative thinking and advanced technology.

Please note that the previously announced festival location and potentially new Mikser House location on the Lower Dorćol – factory IMK Beograd – was canceled due to the factories bankruptcy procedure which suddenly got accelerated, and the sale of the complex is expected within a few months, leaving no space for Mikser organisation  to present scenario of preserving the industrial complex of the imminent destiny- construction of another shopping mall or office complex.

Mikser team will not give up on trying to find  new house in our home town. We hope that we have a reliable information regarding new address of Mikser House in Belgrade to announce at the upcoming festival.  Mikser House as a center of permanent cultural activities, most of which promote multiculturalism of Balkans, largely contributed to the growth of the audience and recognition of Mikser’s cultural platform in the region. Therefore, opening of Mikser House in Sarajevo during the Sarajevo Film Festival 2017 in August this year comes as a great news followed with a positive reactions from all over the region.

Find the entire programme here.