Mikser festival announced that the ninth edition of the biggest regional festival of creativity will take place from the 25th to 28th of May at the venue where it all began – in silos former Žitomlin at the Lower Dorcol, under the slogan “MIGRATION”.

Mikser Festival will host a large number of big names in the field of architecture and design, urban development and planning, new technologies, engaged artists and musicians from the region and the world.

Mikser Festival 2017 will focus on the establishment of new relationships between urban environment, society, art, nature and technology, the relationships that four main themes of the festival – MIGRATION, EDUCATION IN MOTION, THE FACTORY OF CULTURE, NATURE OF TOWN stem from – the themes that also simultaneously reflect the most current challenges that Mikser festival is facing.

The four key program topics are addressed through all aspects of the festival already known to the audience: Mixer Talks, Questions of the city, Design, Visual Arts, Edu zones, Mikser Kids, Film and Music Mixer.

The special novelty of this year’s festival will be a four-day creative camp under the slogan “Hacking the Future” to bring together young creative people from Serbia, the Balkans and Europe into an interdisciplinary team that will solve  acute social problems with the help of creative thinking and advanced technology.