Our Still in Belgrade monthly guide is bound to take you to the best parties, festivals, events and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this June in Belgrade.

Travel Warning Photo Exhibition @Ostavinska Galerija

Wild-Trails and Ostavinska Gallery Belgrade invite you to “Travel Warning”, photo exhibition by explorer and documentary photographer Gilad Sade. The exhibition organized in Belgrade by the local journalist Gordana Cosic.

Travel Warning is a tool for a governments to prevent tourism in conflict zones and disputed areas. By using this tool, governments can manipulate the minds of their citizens in order to change their views. Gilad Sade, a documentary photographer and filmmaker who grew up in a conflict zone and experienced the true pain of war, travels to many destinations around the globe and documents the real life behind the news. Gilad also organizes expeditions to these countries, and gives people a realistic experience of the places many people are afraid to explore. The aim of this project is to connect between people and to open their eyes to conflict regions.

Gilad believes that traveling is a great way to build bridges between cultures. By breaking borders of the mind and traveling to places that seem to be forbidden, we allow people to understand the world better and support marginalized communities.

This photo exhibition will take you to the unrecognized lands of Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh, and Transnistria, to the world’s most famous conflict area of Israel and the Palestinian authorities where Gilad grew up, and to a few more conflict zones. With exceptional culture. Bursting with resources. Discovered by few. Mysterious for the rest of the world. These places tell the most interesting story of the collapsed USSR, the heart of the Middle East, and a flavor of the Balkan.

The exhibition will take place at Ostavinska gallery Belgrade Serbia. Opening eve: Thursday 13/06 at 20:00 FB event

Exhibition: Sabine Wedege / Ø – острво @ Magacin in Kraljevica Marka

Fragments of sculptures, reliefs, prints and sound. About environmental issues, ouroboros, signage, imitation, mass production and the thing with throwing coins in water.

The exhibition is organized by the Center 424 as a part of Belgrade artist in residence program, in collaboration with Proartorg and supported by Ministry of Culture of Serbia.

Sabine Wedege, Aarhus, Denmark, graduated with a BA from The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, started the MA at Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and self-studying at Belgrade AIR as a part of the MA program.

Wedege’s practice includes contrasts of still and moving mediums which include sculpture/text and sound/video. The works encompass esotericism, energy sources, land art, communication and iconography: “A research to process to contrast that units a conception – a specific poetic = the meeting point of magic circles and suprematic compositions.”

Recent solo exhibition “Navigate River” at 1000fryd Art Room, Aalborg, Denmark. Now a Vane Živadinović Bor installation at MSUB/MoCAB as a part of ”U dodiru sa” and soon a book release “0” in collaboration with ORAUM.

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RED AXES @ Dev9T Festival

From the 14th until the 22nd of June festival Dev9t will be taking place in Ciglana Klub Ljubitelja Teske Industrije.

“Alchemy” is slogan of this year’s festival. As each year, Dev9t will showcase an interesting mixture of arts, film, crafts, sculpture, workshops & music.

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On the 20th of June audience will have a chance to hear RED AXES.

Red Axes is a project created by Tel- Aviv Based producers & DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi. The duo has been performing together since a long time, first as members of the new wave / post punk band Red Cotton. After living in Amsterdam and traveling in Europe, the guys returned to Tel-Aviv and began an underground psychedelic electronic party series called “Break It!” which brought refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene.

In 2009, they established a new vision and concept for all of their artistic endeavors – focusing on house, disco and techno. Several Red Axes EPs came out between 2009 and 2011. At 2012 they released “Tour de Chile” EP on I’m a Cliché and another EP on the same label – “1970”, in addition to remixes and original tracks for La Belle or Clouded Vision and Days of being wild. 2013 continued with “Silver bed” Ep at I’m a Cliché and “Caminho De Dreyfus” Ep on Correspondant along side remixes for labels such as Kill the Dj and Throne of blood. Their work in editing masterpieces and live-recordings helped them push their boundaries both as DJs and as producers. More to come this year is a track for the Treasure hunting compilation at Astro lab recordings and a remix for the classic Gina x song – No GDM on Relish recordings. Playing in Tokyo and all over Europe from summer 2012 is a step further towards transcontinental recognition.

Local support: Mkdsl
Чорбика / Chorbika
Banda Panda

Voyage to Belgrade Part II: Tijana T & DJ Seinfeld @Drugstore

The second return ticket goes to DJ Seinfeld as Tijana T’s ’Voyage to Belgrade’ series continues. Party will take place on the June 21st at the Drugstore.

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Tijana T (Dystopian)
DJ Seinfeld (Lobster Fury)

Swedish-born & Spanish-based Armand Jakobsson, DJ, producer and host of ’DJ Seinfeld presents…’ on Rinse FM, is Tijana T’s second guest in her fresh party series. Jakobsson, who started making music after this idea was incepted by a friend, stands behind two more monikers – Rimbaudian, and Birds of Sweden. The turning point for Armand was the day internet, or more precisely the winged attendees of soundcloud, heard ’U’ in which he sampled Bob Geldoff. DJ Seinfeld is working on his own take on magmatic leftfield house in which, although lo-fied for warmth, actually nothing is ’lo’. We’re speaking of a voice so special even a mutant label Lobster Fury, comprised of joint forces of Media Fury and Lobster Theremin, was founded to release DJ Seinfeld material. In the meantime, Tijana finished her fourth performance for the cameras of Boiler Room in Shanghai and her brand new remix for Beroshima’s „Interplugreaction“ from 1996 is scheduled to be released this May on Dystopian. Her performance at Rainbow Disco Club was praised as one of the five key performances by Resident Advisor which stated that she lived up to her reputation and delievered a powerful techno set.

The link between our host and her guest comes from the Lobster Theremin label for which Tijana delievered a podcat. The highlight of Tijana’s appreciation of DJ Seinfeld’s work was the moment she dropped „Jerry“ at EXIT’s Dance Arena in 2017. Both have a RINSE FM residency and soon will share the stage at Drugstore’s Garden in the second episode of ’Voyage to Belgrade’. The plot thickens.

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Three-time Grammy award winning collective will close Musicology Barcaffe Sessions season with a concert at Kalemegdan, on June 23.

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Michael League formed the band back in 2003, with a group of his friends, never imagining it will become a widely known band that won such prestigious awards.

Snarky Puppy is now a big collective, counting more than 30 members, each having their solo carriers, and other side-projects. They perform in a constantly changing rotation, so every show is a new adventure, for the crowd, but for them as well.

Thievery Corporation @ Tasmajdan Stadium

Thievery Corporation is finally coming to Belgrade!!! The concert will take place on the 26th of June, at 8:30 pm in Tasmajdan stadium. Tickets can be purchased at the price of 2000 RSD, through

How many highly successful musical artists do you know that have thrived for 20 years without a radio hit, a big budget video, or major label backing? Moreover, have managed to do high-profile TV appearances, own and operate their own independent label since day one, sell several million albums and continue to expand their fan base across the globe each year. They’ve collaborated with such uniquely famed artists David Byrne, Perry Farrell, The Flaming Lips, Anushka Shankar, Femi Kuti, Seu Jorge, Bebel Gilberto, and been featured on major film soundtracks such as Garden State. They’ve headlined top music festivals, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, and have influenced a whole generation of electronic producers and DJs. If you add these elements together, you can arrive at only one conclusion: Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, aka: Thievery Corporation.

Since 1996, Garza and Hilton have released 8 studio LP’s, 2 remix collections, 2 DJ mix albums, and continued to perform live on 5 continents. Along their unique musical journey, they have virtually defined an entire sub-genre of electronic music. And now they’re ready to embark on yet another journey with the release of their new album, “The Temple of I & I.”

Longtime fans of Thievery Corporation are keenly aware that the duo has been heavily influenced by Jamaican music. Since their debut LP, “Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi,” the production team has applied a uniquely diverse dub ethos and aesthetic to their music. After paying tribute to bossa nova and easy listening inspirations on their 2014 release, “Saudade,” Hilton and Garza set their sights on the culturally rich and warm musical environs of Port Antonio, Jamaica. There, they dove even deeper into their singular exploration of classic Jamaican sounds for the “The Temple of I & I.” “The innovation, spirit and power of Jamaican music is a constant source of creative manna for us,” explains Hilton. “On the musical map, Jamaica is an entire continent. We could have spent a year there, soaking up the vibes in the air, and constantly being inspired by the strength and resilience of the people.”

Their journey began on a cold February morning in 2015 when Garza, Hilton, and their DC-based rhythm section touched down in Kingston and ventured across the Blue Mountains to what Jamaicans call the “real Jamaica” . Port Antonio. Setting up camp at Geejam Studios in San San, they felt immediately connected to their surroundings as they began recording just steps from the turquoise waves crashing below. As the Thieves played through day and night, heads poked through studio doors as curious locals seemed intrigued by such authentic sounds. “People couldn’t believe Robbie Myers, our guitarist, wasn’t Jamaican,” laughs Hilton. “I think they’re used to people coming down from London or LA to record rock or pop records and they were amazed we had such a handle on their sound. It was beyond gratifying, and high-grade ganja and Appleton rum started showing up on the reg.”
After a week of ’round-the- clock sessions, Thievery Corporation brought the Geejam session tapes back to their lab at Montserrat House Studios in DC. From there, the mission continued with months of vocal, horn and editing sessions. Familiar voices appear, including Notch Howell, who had performed “The Richest Man in Babylon” and “Amerimacka” on previous records. Hilton calls him, “possibly the best male tenor we know.” Other collaborators included Mr. Lif, Puma Ptah, Lou Lou, Zeebo and Elin, who are all known by the Thievery audience as key members of their ensemble, both from past recordings and their live shows.

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Garbage @ Bazeni 11 April

Popular American band from the end of the 90’s, Garbage will hold a concert in Belgrade on the 28th of June. Concert will take place in New Belgrade, next to the swimming pools “11 April”.

Garbage is an American rock band formed in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1993. The band consists of Scottish musician and lead singer Shirley Manson and American musicians Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig. All four members are involved in songwriting and production. Garbage has sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

The band’s eponymous debut album was critically acclaimed upon its release, selling over four million copies and achieving double platinum certification in the UK, US and Australia. It was accompanied by a string of increasingly successful singles from 1995 to 1996, including “Stupid Girl” and “Only Happy When It Rains”. Follow-up Version 2.0, released in 1998 after a year in production, was equally successful, topping the UK Albums Chart and receiving two Grammy Award nominations. Garbage followed this by performing and co-producing the theme song to the nineteenth James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999).

Despite critical acclaim, Garbage’s third album Beautiful Garbage failed to match the commercial success achieved by its predecessors. Garbage quietly disbanded amidst the troubled production of their fourth album Bleed Like Me, but regrouped to complete the album, which was released in 2005 and peaked at a career-high number four in the US. The band cut short their concert tour of Bleed Like Me, announcing an “indefinite hiatus”, emphasizing that they had not broken up, but wished to pursue personal interests. The hiatus was briefly interrupted in 2007, when Garbage recorded new tracks for their greatest hits retrospective Absolute Garbage. Garbage ultimately reunited in 2011, and self-released 2012’s Not Your Kind of People to positive reviews via their label Stunvolume. Their sixth album Strange Little Birds was released in 2016.

Tickets can be purchased at the price of 2500 RSD until 31st of March and later on at the price of 2900 RSD through . Organizer: Charm Music Serbia


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Dead Can Dance for the first time in Serbia

The legendary Australian band Dead Can Dance will perform for the first time in Serbia within the tour:  A Celebration – Life and Works from 1980 to 2019. Concert will be held on June 28, at Sava Center, organized by Charm Music. It will also be the only performance on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Dead Can Dance was founded in Melbourne in 1981 by Lisa Gerrard and Brandy Perry. Dead Can Dance music makes a complex and interesting mosaic of several genres, musical heritage of different cultures and epochs.

The duo’s newest LP of unclassifiable music, Dionysus was released at the end of 2018. Perry and Gerrard, sing in made-up languages, explore quixotic Mediterranean sounds and generally bliss out with abandon. The record contains seven movements, like a work of classical music, structured into two acts with titles that suggest images like “Dance of the Bacchantes,” “The Invocation” and “Liberator of Minds.” It’s unapologetically heady (its catalyst was Nietzsche after all) but, like all Dead Can Dance records, it’s also intoxicating.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to hear this unconventional band live. The concert is almost sold out, while remaining tickets can be purchase at

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