Our Still in Belgrade monthly guide is bound to take you to the best parties, festivals, events and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this November and December in Belgrade.

everybody knows

24th Auteur Film Festival will be held from November 23-30, starting on Friday.

Screening of the film “Thieves” directed by Hirokaz Korede will officially open this year’s edition, on November 23 at Komabnk Hall.  The Main Program will feature twenty six films, ten of which will compete for the Grand Prix Prize “Aleksandar Saša Petrović”.

The closing ceremony of the festival will be held at the Kombank Hall, on November 30, with a screening of the film “Everybody knows” directed by Ashghar Farhadi.

In addition to the Main Program, there are also Brave Balkans, Bande à part and ACID as supporting programms.

What is distinguished by the Special program this year are Cinéfondation, Zilnik International – the retrospective of the films of Želimir Žilnik this year’s laureate of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Homage to Živojin Pavlović, Retrospective of Jacques Rivette achievements and IN FOCUS – Philippe Grandrieux story and movies.

This year, the Film Festival Festival hosts the third module of the professional training program titled First Films First supported by the Goethe Institute. One of the tutors will be the famous Romanian director Cristi Puiu, who will hold the masterclass open to the public.

With an initiative of the French Institute, the Film Center of Serbia and the festival, the third edition of the Serbian-French film titled Rande vu will be held from November 28 to November 30 at Kombank Hall. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the links between Serbian and French film professionals and to establish business cooperation that leads to a large number of co-productions.

In addition to the Kombank Hall, which is the main location of this year’s edition of the Festival, the Festival will be held in the Belgrade Youth Center, the Belgrade Cultural Center, the Yugoslav Cinema, the Fontana Cinema, the Cultural Center Vlada Divljan, the Student City Cultural Center and the Art Cinema in Kolarac’s Endowment.

More information about the films and the festival’s program can be found on the website: faf.rs

Third Whisky Fair is taking place at SubBeerni Centar (Cetinjska 15, Belgrade), on November 24 and 25.

The increased number of visitors and exhibitors shows that the group of whisky lovers in Serbia is growing. From 50 types of whisky at the first fair, to nearly 100 at the second edition of the fair, at this year edition we came to the biggest offer by now! The leading Serbian whisky importers and distilleries are going to present the wide range of brands. You will be able to taste more than 100 kinds of whisky at one place, and to get to know better the culture and the history of the one of the most popular beverages through centuries.

The long tradition, origin and spirit of this beverage have inspired the organizers of the fair to offer the visitors the program that will bring them closer to whisky culture by having fun. Beside the inevitable entertainment part of the program, this edition of the fair will also have the educational part. As previous years, through lectures and workshops, visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about the tradition, origin, differences among types of whisky, and how to get the maximum from each glass of whisky. You can find more about the workshops dates, topics and lecturers at the Fair’s web page and social networks. Whisky Fair is one of a kind opportunity not just to enjoy whisky, but also to taste different food that contains whisky and traditional dishes from the countries of the exhibitors.

During the whole day, visitors can enjoy in various games such as Blackjack and pool, and, as last year, there will be a barbershop for all bearded guys. You will have the opportunity to win the original DechkoTzar t-shirt with Whisky Fair and Belgrade motives by Serbian designers BraćaBurazeri. Duo Gitarinet and DJ Ognjen Krstić are in charge for music program and great atmosphere.

Open Bottle Auction will be organized in first week of December. Visitors will have the chance to buy for a good price open bottles of some of the best whiskies presented at the Fair.

Since Whisky Fair Belgrade promotes responsible alcohol consumption and discourages excessive consumption of any product at the Fair, part of the ticket and activation income will be donated to support activities that promote responsible alcohol consumption.

Price of a daily ticket is the same as last year – 350 RSD, and the Fair is opened on Saturday, November 24 from 12:00 to 2:00, and on Sunday, November 25 from 12:00 to 20:00.

Olufemi Sanyaolu, better known as Keziah Jones, is a Nigerian multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter and guitarist and is coming to Serbia for the 5th time, as a part of Musicology Barcaffe Sessions. He will perform on two concerts on 28th and 30th of November in Bitefartcafe club.

His unique music style, described as “Blufunk”, is a mixture of his African roots, blues and funk rhythms. He was born in Nigeria, raised in England and started to write songs at the age of 13. He spent several years between London and Paris before being discovered by his producer. His debut album “Blufunk is a fact” was a global success, led by the smash hit “Rhythm is Love”

The follow-up albums allowed him to tour the world and cultivate his African roots through his music. The worldwide release of Keziah Jones’s latest album “Captain Rugged” in 2014 was the starting point of a revival of the afro-beat style.

Find your tickets through Eventim and Ddtickets ticket networks.

Swedish indie rock band MANDO DIAO will perform in Belgrade for the very first time! The concert is scheduled for December  7 at 8 pm in Hala Sportova “Ranko Žeravica”.

Mando Diao began their career in 1995 and for the past 19 years they have recorded 8 studio albums. The first release of “Bring ‘Em In” from 2002 pushed them out of the Swedish music scene, however the subsequent album greatly increased their popularity on the international scene. The band was quickly recognized by their music style – garage rock / pop / indi and fantastic live performance.

Mando Diao gained great popularity in the Balkans after the release of the album “Give Me Fire!” back in 2009 and hits such as “Dance With Somebody” and “Gloria”. Their performance at the Exit Festival next year  (2010) left a strong impression on the fans in Serbia and many consider Mando Diao to be one of the best bands of the contemporary rock scene.


2300 RSD  and  2700 RSD (VIP) at  Eventim box office and online via www.eventim.rs .

Organization: Hala sportova and Charm Music Serbia