Taking place at stunning Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir, one of the most beautiful island city, situated in middle of Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast, Moondance 2018 will offer truly unique experience for every true techno lover.


Award-winning Croatian Techno festival returns 9+10+11 August, 2018

(Trogir/Croatia April 2018) Moondance is the festival of techno-lovers dreams. Host to revered artists from Detroit, Berlin, UK and beyond, it runs the musical gamut from deep, dark hypnotic grooves to raw power. At Moondance the best of classic and contemporary techno finds its home in the striking medieval Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir, which was recently voted one of the world’s most beautiful island cities by National Geographic.

This perfect union of entrancing techno and extraordinary setting has seen Moondance grow from one night with 400 people to three nights with 9000 guests, in just five years. This year’s event will be the largest-ever, yet still maintain its intimate vibe.

Moondance is an immersive sensory adventure. The walls of Kamerlengo reverberate with the dark, deep, hypnotic sounds, creating a unique emotional vibration. Every detail of the event is carefully crafted, from the superb sound system to the visuals and video installations from international artists. Moreover, it has a relaxed, democratic atmosphere unique among electronic festivals. Ticket prices are kept low to ensure Moondance is accessible to all music-lovers. There is strictly no VIP and the staff is renowned for its helpfulness and hospitality.

Here, fans can revel in the pure energy and creativity of techno music. Many artists combine DJing with electronic instruments, synthesizers, and more, providing an unforgettable experience that blurs the lines between live concert and dance event.

This year’s line-up is the crème de la crème of underground techno.

  • KiNK (live)
    World’s best electronic live act
  • Francesco Tristano (live)
    Amazing 2 careers artist – classic piano player who tours the world’s best classic halls and live techno performer who combines classic and techno music in live performances for the first time in Croatia
  • Eduardo de la Calle
    Eduardo’s status as one of today’s Techno most cutting edge producers and artists has gone hand in hand with his intellectual and spiritual journey for the first time in Croatia

Representing legendary Berlin club Tresor

  • K-HAND
    • Jonas Kopp
    • The Analogue Cops (live)
    • Handmade

Cooperation with the famous and the most important techno club in the history from Berlin will continue this year as well where they will present the best of the best: K-Hand – Detroit City Council named Kelli Hand “the First Lady of Detroit,” citing her “skills within a male-dominated industry” as a business woman and multimedia artist; Jonas Kopp – first name on the Argentinian techno scene; residents The Analogue Cops and Handmade.

Representing leading electronic label and agency Dystopian
• Rødhåd
• Radio Slave
• Monoloc

One of the leading electronic brands which include label, booking agency and artists will do a Moondance stage takeover for a second year in a row and introduce genre’s finest avant-garde performers and demonstrate world’s largest electronic institution’s atmosphere: Rødhåd – one of the most prolific electronic music artists at the moment presents his Dystopian showcase for the first time in Croatia; Radio Slave and Monoloc.

Also there will be many regional DJs including: Pero FullHouse, Avoid, Filip Xavi, Forest People…

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