morphOn Saturday , the 13th of December club Drugstore hosts  techno DJ and producer MORPHOSIS (Morphine Records, LBN). 

Few people craft the sort of emotional, imaginative techno as has Lebanese DJ and producer Morphosis aka Ra.H aka Rabih Beaini for labels like Sistrum Recordings (Detroit), M>O>S (Amsterdam) and Styrax (Berlin). Whilst his productions join the dots between raw, elementary electronica and jazz, for the last six years his label Morphine Records has released an equally avant guard selection of techno from the likes of Madteo, Hieroglyphic Being and Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

Back in Venice, Italy, Beaini opened the Elefante Rosso Music Club which became renowned for its huge line-ups and events, workshops and recordings before it eventually closed to become an education centre. The club had an unwavering musical vision and pursued it, under Beanini’s guidance, with the help of international DJ appearances from the likes of Ame, Prosumer, Donato Dozzy, Patrice Scott and many more.

Such genuine musical ability and a range of influences from Krautrock to New Wave naturally seep into Beaini’s inventive, dark and emotional productions and into his similarly immersive DJ sets at the finest underground clubs around the World. Get lost in a full length Morphosis experience and you enter a whole new world of techno excellence…
Completely unpredictable.


33.10.3402, producer of the undefined sounds of mysterious origin, will perform live.

Kristijan Molnar, the man behind the Christallization radio show who continues to surprise us each and every time with his top taste is back in Drug§tore.

WhyBaneWhy, the resident of Drug§tore will also be there to greet us with his selection of darkness and chanting.

TICKETS: info §oon
ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58)