The „Beautiful Tango“ singer will perform in Belgrade this September!

As always, Musicology has chosen an artist that had already performed in Belgrade to open this year’s season. It’s the world-renowned French-Moroccan songwriter and singer, Hindi Zahra! She will perform at the famous Bitefartcafe club on September 28 and 29, after opening the tour in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

Hindi Zahra has won prestigious awards such as „Constantin“ and „Victoires de la Musique“. She’s a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that puts all her musical influences and life experiences into an authentic musical creation.

After the release of her „Homeland“, an album that was sold in more than 135 thousand copies all around the globe, she held more than 300 concerts in the next two and a half years – always performing until the last atom of strength and not leaving anyone indifferent.

Hindi Zahra, always being free-spirited, after having an already successful carrier, decided to move to Marrakech in search of her personal and musical identity, devoting herself completely to creating music. In search of her both musical and personal identity, she decided to move alone to Marrakech, devoting herself completely to spirituality and finding new paths to her music. She calls this travel “a real descent into solitude” which gave birth to songs created in ecstasy, mixed with feelings of melancholy and says: „My experience there was something special – five years of constant introspection, contemplation and work led me to where I am today! For that, I’m forever grateful. “

When it comes to Zahra, everything is based on true, raw emotion and experience: „Everything that happens to someone in life, the good or the bad, leaves a trace, transforming one’s personality, and with that, their creative side. I believe that it was the hardest parts of my life the ones that changed me the most. “

Critics say that „in the musical building of her childhood, Hindi knows every floor. “ Playing with different music genres, she implements influences from Cuba, Jordan, Andalusia, Egypt, and Italy, creating an authentic music experience.

Her compositions are going in direction of different music genres that are intertwining but have lost their names, carried by the overwhelming tempo that marked this album. Hindi’s songs, although always followed by an adventuristic note, remain melancholic and ecstatic.

After Hindi held a sold-out concert in Belgrade 2 years ago, she said that the connection she felt with the Belgrade audience was mesmerizing, adding that she can’t wait to experience it all again. After the new season-opening, the next artist to perform at Musicology Barcaffe Sessions will be the virtuous guitar player from „Vulfpeck“, Cory Wong, who will have a concert on the 7th of November at Bitefartcafe club.

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