Koop Oscar Orchestra and „World music super bend“ Bokante will be closing the second season of the Musicology Barcaffè Sessions concert serial.

The second season of the Musicology Barcaffè Sessions concert series slowly enters its finale, and the final mark will be left by the Swedish band Koop Oscar Orchestra on June 24th, and Bokante – world music and jazz super band on July 26th, while another band that will also perform within Musicology for now remains a secret. As these dates are already deep in the summer and intimate atmosphere will be transferred to the club among the Kalemegdan walls-Bitefartcafe Summer Stage.

The former member of the celebrated electro jazz duo “Koop”, Oscar Simonsson, is back to Belgrade with his new band Koop Oscar Orchestra.

The main mission of the Koop coincides with Musicology Barcaffè Sessions, which propagates the celebration of LIVE music. As Simonson says, live performances sometimes connect people like nothing else. Koop Oscar Orchestra will play the songs Simonsson wrote for Koop together with a new, unpublished material on the 24th of June within Musicology Barcaffè Sessions.


Snarky Puppy, a planetary known jazz band and a winner of the Grammy Prize, is a crew of musicians in innovative new projects.  The founder of the legendary Snarky, Michael League, has launched World Music and jazz super band – Bokante.

From the creation of the band to the performance, Bokante presents a vibrant and vivid display of what we want in the world community: connection, unity and love, things that we discover only if we exchange our values ​​and music is that universal language that we all understand.

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