by miroslav mlinar kalemgdan nebeska kapija 2012

Photo by Miroslav Mlinar 

Group “My Belgrade has a soul” on Facebook  social network has  gained more than 18 000 members who seem to be  very active and constantly posting photos of Belgrade from their own angle. The group has posted loads  of gripping photos, discussions and disagreement, but that is what  makes it a creative and committed group of people who love the Serbian capital.

miroslav mlinar

 Photo by Miroslav Mlinar 

The underlying idea for the creation of this group occurred more than four years ago. Its bottom line of it was to bring people who love Belgrade together  and a feeling of commitment to share with others. The group is designed to present photos of Belgrade residents, its scenic beauty, its architecture, events and everything else that Belgrade has to offer. Apart from the  photos, the group submits  videos, articles, old photographs and interesting comments on certain parts of the city or of some buildings.

F eel free to join this group and post one or more of your photos of the city.