Do you need Remont – repair?
Remont independent art association is 18 years old. It’s time to step forward!
 Hello! We are Remont – an independent art association and a non-profit organization in Belgrade. Born on October 1, 1999, we’ve now come of age! We have the knowledge and the skills, but no means to continue with our mission. We need your help! What do we want? – To improve our capacities and our work space; – To raise our professional standards and be more responsive to our local community – To meet the future with a new ambience, a new energy, and with fresh ideas and activities.

Who Are We?

Remont NUA was established in 1999 by artists and art historians:

Boris Mladenović, Branko Pavić, Darka Radosavljević, Group ŠKART (Dragan Protić and Đorđe Balmazović), Jovan Čekić, Milica Tomić, Mirjana Đorđević, Saša Gajin, Saša Marković (Mikrob), Saša Rakezić (Aleksandar Zograf), Tanja Ostojić, Uroš Đurić and Žana Poliakov.

The current Remont team is: Miroslav Karić, Marija Radoš, Saša Janjić, Darka Radosavljević and Boris Burić.

Over the past years, we have built Remont as a live artery in the Serbian and regional art scene, gained trust of our artistic and cultural community and improved our own capacities but also those of our collaborators, establishing numerous connections throughout the region.

From the initial desire to revitalize our contemporary art scene, we have become the recognizable physical and mental locus of contemporary cultural practice in Serbia.

We launched a number of new professional models that quickly became recognized standards of gallery practice. In local as well as international frameworks, we are recognized as an expert and reliable team. We have realized over 400 programs in Remont gallery space as well as other gallery and non-gallery spaces in Belgrade, throughout Serbia and the regional countries, in Europe and Canada, across various urban and rural locations. We forged collaborations with some of the most important domestic authors of all generations, as well as with foreign and visiting curators and artists, institutions and organizations. Our activities are followed by the local and foreign media, our publications are in many libraries in the world, and for years we have been in the top 5 best galleries in Belgrade.

Where Are We?

We act from our HQ in Belgrade (Serbia), but we’re present internationally through various projects and programmess, and online as an information portal about the who’s who in the local scene.

What Do We Plan To Do?

The street, in which we are located, has recently been turned into a pedestrian zone.  The building in which we are is set to become a listed Foundation building very soon, and we will remain its tenants for as long as we wish. The new ambient requires a fresh new face for Remont.

Our Aims Are All Achievable:

Visibility and PR- 2.000 USD

  • To refresh the old Remont logo;
  • To modernize our website and social networks platforms;
  • To create the new promotional material (video, flyers with some information about us);
  • To renovate and mark our entrance with the new labels, banners and to clean the facade;

Set up a space – 2.500 USD

  • To create a new donations box (as an artefact);
  • To fix our doors and windows so the space is warmer during the winter;
  • To redecorate our headquarters in order to make it more functional and pleasant to work in – new small furnishings to make the space more functional;
  • Necessary maintenance;
  • To create a designated Art Room, with possibility to sell some affordable artefacts and merchandise;

To improve the technical conditions – 2.500 USD

  • To renew  the tools, equipment and required materials for setting up the exhibitions;
  • Update computers!

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