On the 4th of September Zavod will host Neli from Italy, who will present “Neli’s  Raw Food experimental Cuisine”. Doors open from 20h. Music support  DJ Vaskezz-soul and jazz. Location: Zavod concept bar, Kraljevica Marka 1, 11000 Belgrade 

raw food


Let me introduce myself … My name is Nelly. I am an architect who loves healthy living and raw food. You must be wondering what an architect is doing in the kitchen? Here’s the answer: I realized that I do not want to spend my life in an office in front of a computer and I decided to introduce my creativity on a platter. I made a blog  called “Nellie’s Raw” so more people could be familiar with the concept of  raw food and its benefits. I’m sure that raw food is the future. I do not believe in these rules that we are imposed on each day, like diets  … it is important to eat food that has not been heat treated, which is organic and delicious. I give a big advantage  to healing power of food, and power of thought. And with it comes the health, beauty and the joy of life.