On March 1st, OVO Bistro launched a new breakfast menu – still from 10 am to 3 pm, every day, but now with an emphasis on Serbian specialties in a modern interpretation. The Head Chef of OVO Bistro, Andrej Balahnov, and chef Aleksa Sušić present a new dish, closely related to šakšuka — “bećarac.”

A classic Vojvodina breakfast with tomatoes, eggs, and peppers at OVO is served with goat cheese (990 RSD). Also, there is baked polenta with kajmak, with possible additions — caramelized bacon or lightly salted salmon (990 RSD). A hit among OVO breakfasts — 2 Eggs Benedict are now served with Serbian cornbread, proja (808 RSD), and also with various toppings.

Among the new delights is the cherry pie (690 RSD), the first pie that 25-year-old Aleksa Sušić prepared at the beginning of his career. Now, as the selector of the Serbian youth chef team, Aleksa recalls his experience and repeats his famous pie for OVO, adding a milk ganache with white chocolate and bourbon vanilla. With a similar ganache, OVO now also serves banana bread (360 RSD): a moderately sweet dessert for every day, perfect when paired with filter coffee.

Svetogorska, 17