The offerings for recreational sports and outdoor activities in the capital have just become significantly richer with the opening of the new climbing center “Silosi Utopia”! Located in the popular Silos area, this center boasts the tallest climbing wall in Belgrade, standing at an impressive 28 meters. It features six meticulously crafted and secured routes that cater to both beginners and seasoned competitors. The project was jointly conceived and executed by the nonprofit organization “Gaia Movement” and the sports association “Utopia,” with substantial support from A1 Serbia.

The climbing area spans two “batteries” in Silo 3, beneath the striking mural “Earth on Fire” by the renowned artist Vuk Đurić – Endo. This artwork highlights the rapid melting of permanently snow-capped mountain peaks, which are beloved by climbers and mountaineers. All routes have been certified by relevant institutions and the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. The holds are of the highest global standards, identical to those used in official world competitions.

Adding to the excitement, sport climbing has been included in the official program for the Paris Olympics this year. Intriguingly, the Silos will host an exhibition titled “More Than Sport,” organized by the Serbian Olympic Committee, from June 7 to June 23.

Sport climbing is the fastest-growing sport globally, largely due to its popularity among recreational athletes. Today, you can see even preschool children and entire families climbing and engaging their entire bodies. It’s important to note that climbing on this wall is done with a safety harness and rope, adhering to all competitive safety standards, making the risk of injury almost negligible regardless of one’s prior knowledge and experience.

The “Silosi Utopia” center will also offer training programs and the possibility of group training for sports teams in preparation or educational institutions, as well as team-building activities for companies. Various levels of competitions, urban culture and recreation festivals, and collaborations with rescue services, such as fire departments, are also planned at the Silos.

As a long-standing partner of the Silos Cultural Center Belgrade, which shares a focus on culture, ecology, education, and public health, A1 Serbia continues to contribute to the creation of quality and innovative content for the community by supporting the construction of this outdoor climbing facility.