Since the last months of 2015 a new clubbing district is rapidly emerging in the inner city area of Belgrade.  In the former BIP factory in  15a Cetinjska Street next to Bajloni market and BITEF alternative theatre, there it is well hidden in the yard behind the white fence.


For the  time being we managed to check out all existing clubs and bars.  The first one is Kenozoik, something like a new version of Peron Club but much more compelling. The club features movie screenings, live gigs, exhibitions  and DJ nights. There are  two floors with different music concepts. The ground floor is really big and can accommodate a big crowd and it looks rather good. Music is orientated towards electronic, pop, alternative, indie.


Within walking distance but a little ‘up’  in that direction there is one we really like called Polet which is more like a mixture of a culture centre, gallery and a bar. Here you can get a feel of some retro music and literary nights to name but two  and  grab a coffee during the day. Right next to Polet there lies a nice club called Showroom. This one is very suitable for concerts, live gigs and techno parties.


We also like Zaokret. This one is more like a pub. The place where you can catch some local DJs and drink beer and wine.  Right opposite Zaokret , another club Elektropionir is located. This is one really nice club with affordable prices of drinks and gripping DJ nights mainly focused on local collectives such as Beyond House, Mystic Stylez, Banda Panda and similar.

Let us not forget that bar Dvoristance moved from Savamala area right here in this district and it works during the day and in the evening.

 Prices seem to be  rather affordable in all these places, though admission fees are required for clubs where  the crowd tends to be quite casual so there is no need for flashy dressing.