Today we will  be presenting a local but a very talented young graphic designer and an art historian Marija Markovic. Marija tends to mix her penchant for football and Yugoslav culture into a very interesting and neatly designed postcards and posters. Her brand new project “Postcards from Yugoslavia” is a poster collection dedicated to the former SFR Yugoslavia. Her idea was to refresh her memories and focus on places, people, tradition, culture and lifestyle which used to be integral parts of once powerful and a unique country.

Although I was 4 years old when Yugoslavia started to fall apart I was unable to experience that life slogan Fraternity and Unity of Yugoslav people at the time and what was later to be  called – Yugonostalgia.

I can’t say I am 24/7 Yugonostalgic but I do think that phenomenon called Yugoslavia used to have (and still does have)  a great cultural and traditional influence. Because of that period of my life and because of some great things that Yugoslavia seems to have given  to the world, in many aspects these posters are here to recall that period.

Now that we live in six different countries I do think that Serbia is most dear to my heart and but it is only fair to remember it all along and lest we  forget the  good old Yugoslavia. This is my little contribution. 

Find out more about this great designer on her Behance profile.

Translation support by Angloland