On the plateau of the International passenger terminal “Belgrade Port” and the Port Master, Tourist Organization of Belgrade opened the seasonal tourist information center, which will be available during this summer season.

Tourist Information Center is intended for tourists who come to Belgrade by riverboats, having that this boating season is scheduled to sail about 550 ships with 70,000 tourists, which is about 15% more than last year. Info Center is also available for citizens, as well for a growing number of tourists who visit Savamala and the surrounding area, thanks to a number of restaurants and tourist facilities at this location.

Beside tourist sightseeing boats, this area also offers iBike Belgrade, sightseeing tour around Belgrade by bicycle. Bicycle path starts on the Sava port, which is part of the international cycling trail that follows the Danube route /corridor E 5.

The seasonal info center will provide visitors with information about the Belgrade tourist offering, Belgrade souvenirs and a variety of promotional material.

Opening of this Info point coincides with the Mixer festival in Savamala, so that visitors from the country, region and Europe can get tourist information. This year, the 5th Mixer festival will be held from 28 May till 2 June, with the central program held in the Mixer House.

Tourist Information Center on the Sava Port will be available for guests and citizens every day, from 8 AM to 19 PM.

website: http://www.tob.rs/