This year, Belgrade will be showcasing the New Year’s Night Market on the 22nd of December, in the historical yet bohemian quarter of Skadarska St. Both local and foreign visitors can expect warm atmosphere and rich contents, which will make Belgrade even more appealing.  

In 2017, a trend of organizing night markets spread all over Belgrade, starting from Bajloni market, Kalenic pijaca, Zemun market to New Belgrade’s Market in Block 44. It became a recognizable city event that attracted a large number of visitors.

A special, New Year’s edition of Belgrade Night Market will be marked with a festive atmosphere and various creative products, ideal as gifts for upcoming holidays. Culinary offer of the market tends to satisfy everyone’s tastes:  winter specialties from local producers – dried meat, carrots, prosciutto, various types of cheese, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as the specialties of Belgrade restaurants – baked sausages, burgers and delicious pastries. Traditional New Year’s beverages  – boiled wine and rakija- local brandy, as well as teas, natural juices, craft beers will be additionally included in the offer.

On the New Year’s Night Market, the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor will be presenting their tourist offer. Several guests from the Pale Market will be joining as well.  In 2017, Pale Market organized two night markets, inspired by Belgrade’s markets. Belgrade night market is also welcoming Tourist Organization of East Sarajevo with their tourist offer of the municipalities of Pale and Jahorina.

Music support will be provided by DJ Brka and several live bands.

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