Tucked away in a quiet borough of Palilula, in inner city Belgrade and in close proximity of hotels and residential buildings, but well away from the city hustle and bustle brand new gallery Portofino 1989 has emerged bringing freshness and innovation to Belgrade’s art scene.

Tiny gallery Portofino 1989 is a real treasure of unique art and design pieces that tend to satisfy clients’ and visitors’ interests regardless of whether they are contemporary arts or classical design lovers. The gallery was opened several months ago by two designers, Aleksandra and her daughter Manja Zeremski, with the aim to present and sell pieces created by local artists from various art fields and educational backgrounds.

gallery Portofino 1989 Belgrade

The presence of newly opened gallery Portofino 1989 puts this city borough on the “artistic map” of Belgrade and adds to its relevance, while at the same time creating a warm atmosphere of peace and quiet amongst a number of local private companies in this emerging neighborhood.

Galerija Portofino 1989 Beograd

During your stay in Belgrade, regardless of whether you’re a lover of fine arts, sculpture  or contemporary work in general, jewelry, home decor or sophisticated design, you will have a good reason to visit this intimate art space and pick something that will match your aesthetic and artistic needs.

gallery Portofino 1989 in Belgrade

 In Portofino 1989 you can see not only carefully selected works by established contemporary local artists, but also by those artists who are in their initial stages in their careers and seem to have the acquired taste for modernity and the classics.

Gallery Portofino 1989 Belgrade

Galerija Portofino 1989 Belgrade

Gallery Portfino 1989 in Belgrade

Address:  8 Kneza Danila St. 11000 Belgrade 


Tues. – Fri. :        

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Sat. :     

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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