After a storming performance at EXIT festival’s No Sleep Novi Sad stage this summer, one of the most popular techno DJs in the post-Soviet territories is coming back to Serbia to deliver another stunning performance. You are welcome on the 14th of September starting from midnight. 

One of the newest hotspots on an unfolding map is Nikita Zabelin, a young Russian producer and sound designer.

Nikita is a proponent of minimalism that grew initially from the German techno-world, yet whatever those early sources, he has now come into his own as a sonic artist. «My music is not driven by songs. Instead it’s the creation of alternative realities, whether they spring from visual images or grow from my own experience with modern technology.» These trajectories and experiments have now led to sharing the stage with James Ruskin, Speedy J, Truncate, Shifted, Robert Hood, Slam- plus others.

Nikita Zabelin (трип / Arma 17, RU) All Night Long

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