In Brussels on 13 October this year Novi Sad was declared European Capital of Culture for 2021

After the final presentation of the project “Novi Sad 2021”, which was on 13 October in Brussels held a delegation from Novi Sad, a panel of independent experts made a landmark decision that the first city outside the EU to bear the title is to be  Novi Sad!

The decision was taken after the visit of the panel of experts Novi Sad and detailed analysis of the final application on 112 pages. In the final stage, there was an “in vivo defence” of its candidacy with the long hours of oral presentation of an application by a delegation made up of artists from Novi Sad, teachers, planners and curators, led by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Novi Sad candidacy for ECOC 2021 Chairman of the Board of EXIT Foundation, Nemanja Milenkovic, and the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević.

Since 2015 EXIT Foundation was entrusted the candidacy of Novi  Sad, and with Nemanja Milenkovic, President of its Board of Directors.

The title of the European Capital of Culture is of great importance for the promotion and branding of the city, which seems to have completely transformed the town, not only in the cultural aspect, but also in socio-economic terms. Cities-winners in the past per every euro invested in culture have multiple benefits, which amounted to up to eight times as large an influx of finances pertinent to the investment – said Milenkovic, adding:

 The program concept of the “Novi Sad 2021” consists of four areas normally referred to as “For new bridges.” By winning the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture it is to build new bridges, literally, but also in terms of standards, methods, principles, and above all the values that we share with all the citizens of Europe.

European Capital of Culture was established in order to highlight the richness and the diversity of European culture, strengthen cultural ties amongst Europeans, connect people from different European countries, encounter other cultures, promote mutual understanding and strengthen the sense of European-ness.

The “Novi Sad 2021” is designed as a platform for the development of cultural and creative potentials of Novi Sad, which aims to strengthen the cultural vitality of the city, enabling urban regeneration and improve the international reputation complete with the tourist offer of Novi Sad,  the international scene of which has already become known thanks to the EXIT festival, with a rich cultural offer in this way reached the attention of the world public and cultural tourism industry. The City of Novi Sad will  via the “Novi Sad 2021” develop its local concept and strategy of sustainable development of the cultural sector with a focus upon: strengthening institutions of culture, the reconstruction of cultural heritage, strengthening cultural participation, development of cultural and creative industries, decentralization and inter-sector collaboration.