The Eighteenth NS Concert of the Year will be held on Saturday 9 December, 24 years after the first Top Plus Concert of the Year in 1993.

A traditional Novi Sad event begins on  Saturday, December 9, 2016, in the Great Hall of the SBC Vojvodina (SPENS) at 4 pm, where all the most important bands from Serbia and former Yugoslav countries have performed so far.

This year at the NS Concert of the Year, the audience will have a chance to see and hear:

Dubioza kolektiv, Yu grupa, Atheist Rap, Obojeni program, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Kralj Čačka, Repetitor, Gift and Tri kapljice.


  • Dubioza kolektiv – the most sought-after performers at the NS Concert of the Year, the most popular band in the region, performing all over the world. All three performances of the Dubioza kolektiv at the previous NS concerts of the year were quite memorable. At the same time, this will be their first appearance in Novi Sad after three years and the only one this year in Serbia. Now, they come to give us their new songs as well, the “Pioneer” and “The Generation Hymn” alongside a cross-section of their legendary, well known hits with socially engaged messages.
  • Yu grupa – a band that has performed under this name for 47 years, a live legend of the Yugoslav and Serbian rock scene. There are almost no musicians who did not grow up with their music. For the first performance at the NS Concert of the Year, they prepared a special repertoire composed of both their biggest hits and the songs that were performed less frequently throughout their long and prolific career.
  • Atheist Rap – an indestructible trademark of Novi Sad, the band will perform at our festival after five years. On this occasion, they will present a collection of their legendary songs and anthems as well as a part dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the debut album “Maori and Black Gonzales”, a key album of their career.
  • Obojeni program – Obojeni program is a band that has existed for almost four decades and since the very first day they promoted themselves as a band with an authentic musical expression, whose ‘authenticity’ cannot be defined so easily. Branislav Babić Kebra and OP channel The Fall, Joy Division, Slits, Raincoats through their music… but at all times they manage not to sound like any of the above. Obojeni program is a band with unique music direction, a musical expression that should not be compared with any other. Obojeni program are a choice you make at a special time of your life and remain faithful to them while the fire of liberty and rebellion smoulders in you. Obojeni program is now sending a message: “Something nice will happen today.” The new music video for single was done by a longtime collaborator of the band Jovan Milinov Toba, and the new song that led them into 2017 announced the new album as well.
  • Kanda Kodža i Nebojša – a Belgrade five-man band whose music is usually described as a fusion of numerous genres that these musicians have explored since the turning point in 1991. Relying on their talent, intelligence and love as the fuel of their operations, KKN has acquired the status of a rock band leader from our region during a period in which the values they promoted and for which they struggled with their art meant very little. Their survival on the scene, the popularity that is growing with each new album, only confirms their value and size.
  • Kralj Čačka (for some also known as Nenad Marić) was born in Čačak in 1979. He graduated in 2006 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since 2004 he has been working as a songwriter under the pseudonym Kralj Čačka. Ten years later, he finally reached the mainstream music scene of Belgrade, Serbia and the world with a single My Avatar.

–     Repetitor – Debutants at the NS Concert of the Year. The band was founded in winter 2005. Repetitor have been performing throughout Belgrade since the beginning of 2006, and later in other major cities in Serbia and with other bands such as Partibrejkers, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Jarboli, Dža ili bu, Obojeni program.

They announced their third album at the end of last year with the hit single Beskraj. Already at that time, it was obvious that the trio did not stray away from their set goal in the new album either. Their strongest weapon are concerts, and with that in mind, they also started working on eight new songs, which they recorded practically in a single take – the band Repetitor does not know differently but to do either everything or nothing. This gives the whole album a genuine emotional charge and a garage flavour. A high-voltage sound wall hits us, bursts of anger, fear, violence, pain and frustration. On one side, the furious Boris Vlastelica cuts guitar strings and turns the punk punched chords into hurricane, heavy riffs. On the other side, playful Ana-Maria Cupin, as she is becoming one with the bass, making a post-punk balm. Milena Milutinovic, an untamable drum animal, links it all together playing as if on a doomsday.

     Gift – In 2009, as the leader and founder of the band, Joca Ajkula goes to London where he experiences and revives all his musical preferences, playing with eminent music names and then returning to Novi Sad in 2013 with such rich experience, and completely changing the line and direction of GIFT. By fully reinstating into authorship, with an indispensable support of the new young band members, with their fresh energy and a lot of working hours in the studio, finally in 2015 the band releases the singles “Mona” and “Divan San”, and then the entire album “Dreamoscope”. With the three music videos, for the tracks “Mona”, “Divan San” and “Eksperimental”, as well as the entire album, the band GIFT presented a new stage-music expression, which some critics positively call ‘progressive Britpop’.

–      Women’s rock trio, Tri Kapljice from Novi Sad, have already earned great attention
of media and different audiences with their first two singles and videos for the songs “Hajde” and “Jaka”. It is especially worth mentioning that they found themselves on most of the national and regional top charts with the debut single and the video for
the song “Hajde”, and that this song was even ranked first on the list of regional hits in the show “Twentilator – top region-list” of the Zagreb Radio 808. After reaching the finals of the biggest regional festival “DEMOFEST” in Banja Luka last year, Tri Kapljice began working on their debut album to be released this year.

The sponsor of this year’s NS Concert of the year is the City of Novi Sad, and our concert got the status of an event of exceptional significance from the Directorate for Culture for the sixth consecutive year. NS Concert of the Year has been a visible cultural lighthouse for more than two decades of its existence and has significantly contributed to Novi Sad being ready for the title of the European Capital of Youth, and to the fact that last year it was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2021.

Pre-sale tickets at a promotional price of 1,200 dinars (floor) can be purchased by Tuesday 31 October online via the Gigstix Sales Network ( Starting from November 1, the price will be 1,350 dinars for the floor and West sector 2, while the price of a very limited number of tickets for the West 1 sector will be 1,450 dinars.

The price of tickets on the day of the concert will amount to 1,500 dinars.

Design for this year’s NS Concert of the Year was done by Novi Sad designer Robert Kliban.

As part of the promotion of the NS Concert of the year 2017, at the official Concert of the Year YouTube Channel, you have the opportunity to listen to and watch almost all of the most important recordings from the old NS Concerts of the Year, including many of the legendary performances (EKV, Rambo Amadeus, Direktori, Deca loših muzičara, Zabranjeno pušenje, Miladojka Youneed, Bloodbath, Električni orgazam, Oružjem protivu otmičara, Prljavi inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi, etc.), also for the first time exclusive recordings from the NS Concert of the Year in 2016, in full HD quality and stereo sound, as well as a large number of old musical videos of the former NS Plus production (Džukele, Love Hunters, Obojeni Program, Boye, Goblini, Bjesovi, Gluve kučke, Instant Karma, the old Van Gogh) and many others. In addition, thanks to the kindness of RTV, we also have in our archive complete recordings in high resolution of all the performers from the previous NS Concerts of the Year, at your disposal as well.

Hurry up with the purchase of tickets, because we are expecting to have another unforgettable NS Concert of the Year, an event that people talk about and remember forever, on Saturday, December 9, 2017, starting at 4pm!

For more information, visit our website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.


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