New Years Eve is coming. Our local club Drugstore prepares one big party on two stages. 

Why oh why did we bite this calendar stuff in the first place? And why oh why are we willing to spend 15 times the amount of cash to party on a single night? The possibility of you scoring is multiplied, the possibility of you getting s***faced is multiplied. But you don’t need excuses, do you? You’re not here for the usual ZOO NYE vibe. You wanna return to the source. You wanna know the truth and only with experienced shamans behind decks do you get to transcend and use the experience in a good cause, hence: ANCIENT METHODS & SVENGALISGHOST plus 8 more beloved regional/local performers. Dance, make a wish and be somebody, baby. You ARE in control.

ancient methods

ANCIENT METHODS (Ancient Methods, Sonic Groove – Berlin)
Pitch black techno war funk
There’s something about the fearsome crunch of Ancient Methods’ sounds that defies dry technical description and demands that you go over the top, whether in talking about it or moving to it. Which isn’t to say they make headbanging music – the “funk” part of their pitch black techno war funk is as important as anything, and their tracks have a good healthy dose of bump’n’grind running through them, even if that grinding is as much angle-grinder as bogling. The raw edges, thick-layered sound and general old-school soundsystem-in-an-industrial-building kick has leapt out amidst the minimal orthodoxy, creating a massive buzz over a few beautifully marbled pieces of vinyl with medieval etchings on the labels, and prompting suggestions of a new industrial forward movement in the techno scene. (FUCT)
Trias & Baeks have known each other since mid 90ies when they started their residency at the Tresor Club Berlin. Their residency at this club legend lasted from 1996 until 2008. Baeks also took care of the famous headquarters nights, where he offered numerous talented newcomer djs the chance to play in the Tresor basement. Trias is and was always looking for new music. His job at the highly acclaimed Hardwax Berlin offered him the perfect position to carry out his research. They played together as a dj team from the end of the 90ies. Mainly at the tresor but also at other Berlin venues, and many gigs inside and outside germany. Independently from each other but also in co-operation they started to produce tracks, with a great variety in style and sound. In 2005 they teamed up their production skills and equipment and founded Ancient Methods. This led to the 1st release on their own label with the same name in 2007. Their sound is straight techno far away from any Berlin Mitte minimal bullshit with the physical impact of early 90ies techno music. Further releases followed slowly but constantly. In 2008 they met Karl O´Connor and decided to co-operate on some of their music. A first result of this co-operation was the “Ugandan Methods” releases on the famous Downwards label plus a track on their own label. AM have been touring as a live since 2009 with gigs all over Europe with phenomenal sucess. As a dj team they combine powerful techno with obscure drone sounds, experimental snippets and noisy Industrial sounds, preferred on three decks + efx.

Miloš Pavlović – Regen (Ilian Tape) is our trooper in the Ilian Tape army of producers. Responsible for many unforgettable nights and lifechanging sets and events, Miloš is back to rain harsh crystal clear techno on your NYE. Last time you saw him at Drug§tore, he was sharing the stage with Marco and Dario Zenker, his Ilian tape family.

Filip Xavi (Subsist / Sonntag Morgen), resident and promotional partner of club Drug§tore has set your feet on fire on our dance floor probably more times than any other DJ. This year, he was invited by the legendary Dasha Rush to perform at the infamous Tresor, Berlin after they did an unforgettable back2back at the old Drugstore. Filip Xavi is responsible for Drug§tore parties with headliners such as: Surgeon, Dasha Rush, Adam X, Shifted, Charlton, Truss, Phase, Dimi Angelis, Stanislav Tolkachev… Once again, Filip is back to put the T in SanTatorium.

MKDSL (Idemo na Mars), a well known local lad who bridges the gap between reality and candyland with his production does not take himself too seriously. That’s why everybody else does. People still talk about his LIVE in Drug§tore’s small room some time ago. MKDSL has been exploring the molecular dance theory for 17 years. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE RESULTS [VIDEO]

Andreas Hz (BTKRSH / Skopje, MK)
Prefers words blurry and accents foreign, tongues unknown and trembles familiar. Passionate about powerful sonic patterns and hypnotizing movements in the dark. Working as a DJ, Producer, multimedia artist, radio show host and promoter – Andreas Hz has become a unique and inspiring presence in the Skopje electronic underground, reaching ever further down his seemingly endless collection of highest quality techno, outsider house and bass-driven electronica to form a distinctive sound palette and deliver a powerful and sophisticated dancefloor experience.

Born during the early genesis of Chicago Experimental dance music aka House. He was highly stimulated by the unknown sonic textures that caressed his ears at dance parties thrown by his grammar school where older kids would come and dance using esoteric gestures while dressed in very strange garb. He was introduced to vinyl at a very early age by his father who was a dj and in 8th grade received his first set of turntables. This led him to start stealing disco records from his collection and cutting school to prowl local record stores Chicago. Highly inspired by the frenetic energy of Ron Hardy; he studied the coveted cassette tapes learning sonic manipulation theories, tape edit techniques , and turntable dynamics from the master. Later seeing Ron and other Chicago Djs at parties throughout Chicago whenever he could sneak out of the house he realized the social responsibility of the DJ as a shamanic Force that elevates the dancer to a higher frequency of consciousness.
During the late 90’s he and best friend SSPS would commandeer Chicago loft parities from unsuspecting dj’s thru subversive mind control techniques. And in 1998 he disappeared on what was supposed to be a 2 week trip to dj in Mexico City. He resurfaced 7 months later in NYC where he was rejoined by SSPS and started throwing a weekly party in Brooklyn called Arcadia as well spinning at haunts throughout the city. It was around this time he made his first foray into music production, but it wasn’t until he returned to Chicago in 2004 that he His Distress with the mediocrity that was rising out of the vapid Chicago Dance Scene led him start producing music for his own sanity as BelowUnderground. Peferring to remain in obscurity most of these tracks were used as Dj tools for he and close friend SSPS Often the two would exchange tracks over their private FTP server. In 2008 he lost all of his music from a malfunctioning external hard drive. Severely distraught he underwent a symbolic death as a studio producer and was reborn as the performer SvengalisGhost: a child of light and magic. He uses hypnotic rhythms and a fork tongue to seduce thru coercion. Your will is his to possess.

33.10.3402 (ESP Institute) is Nenad Marković, Drug§tore resident, DJ and producer whose work has found its way to labels like Internasjonal and ESP Institute. He is the one who saves the harsh nights with voluntary 7am DJ sets, takes your hand into the unknown with his LIVE each and every time. A favorite of dancers with extrasensory perception.

Mimi (Ekstrakt / Zagreb, Croatia)
As an ex altar boy Mimi is no stranger to the temptations of faith. It is no surprise then that as a young man he strayed from the path laid out by the church fathers in search of a different kind of light. Wandering alone through the valley of shadows, Mimi pledged to the two-headed hydra of Techno & House. His soul turned as black as the vinyl he was possessed by, and his hands became instruments of the unholy. Through the years Mimi found more outcasts traversing the paths of the mind and together they formed Ekstrakt, Zagreb’s premier Rave Association – a tiny glimmer of light in the sea of darkness we like to call “normal life”. Together with Labud, he is responsible for parties in Zagreb with: Surgeon, Ben UFO, Traxx, JTC, John Heckle, Luke Slater, Convextion, Claro Intelecto…

DJ Labud (Ekstrakt / Zagreb, Croatia)
Labud began his DJ career in 2001 within the ‘Uomini Plus’ crew. He left the scandalous posse in 2005 to start performing solo. Since 2010 he is a part of the Ekstrakt collective and you can see the plethora of amazing shit they’ve done above in Mimi’s bio.

Vitanov (Beyond House)
Vitanov, Beyond House member and an emitter of deep weird vibrations, mixes all things dark into a wizard’s brew for you to drink. You cannot really tell if it’s industrial, techno or house. As long as it’s god-forsaken, Vitanov will play it. It’s the ‘I’m stranded on an island full of Harpys’ atmosphere he’s aiming for. His tasty collection of demented vocals and beats without authority are what gives him a reputation of one of Belgrade’s favs among dreamy imaginative spiritual dancers.
Vitanov soundcloud:

TICKETS: info §oon

ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58)