Belgrade is renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and thriving culinary and art scene. While popular attractions captivate tourists, a distinctive charm lies in exploring off-the-beaten-track Belgrade. Let’s go on a journey to uncover five hidden gems that contribute to the tapestry of Belgrade’s unique character.

SULUJ Gallery: Where Art Meets the Future

The SULUJ Gallery, nestled on the second floor of the ANKER palace on Terazije, transcends conventional art spaces. With a mission to explore the future of art, SULUJ introduces us to “ULTRACONTEMPORARY,” an exhibition showcasing avant-garde trends in Serbian art. A visionary initiative by the Federal Association of Fine Artists of Yugoslavia – SULUJ, SULUJ Gallery has been a beacon of artistic expression for 25 years. As it undergoes rejuvenation, the gallery envisions becoming a hub for emerging artists, hinting at a promising future for off-the-beaten-track Belgrade’s art scene.


Address: 26/II Terazije Square

OVO Bistro: A Culinary Story from Moscow to Belgrade

From the culinary maestros behind Moscow’s Alpaca and My Bistro and Minsk’s Benedict comes OVO Bistro, a gastronomic haven now gracing Belgrade. Tucked away in the quietude of 17 Svetogorska Street, within the historic residence of Jevrem Grujić, OVO Bistro is not just a dining spot; it’s an immersive experience. The menu, though succinct, is a masterpiece, offering a symphony of European flavors curated by Chef Nikita Andreyev. The enchanting ambiance, coupled with a secluded yard, promises a dining escapade that transcends the ordinary in off-the-beaten-track Belgrade.


Address: 17 Svetogorska St.

Leposava Bar: A Trendy Hideaway with a Personal Touch

Named in homage to grandmothers, including the owner’s Grandma Leposava, this trendy bar adjacent to the iconic SFRJ Kafana is a hotspot for the hip and the young. Offering an array of rakia, cocktails, and coffees, Leposava Bar is not just a drinking establishment; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Regular DJ gigs add a vibrant rhythm to the atmosphere, creating a space where memories are crafted, echoing the warmth of grandma’s embrace in off-the-beaten-track Belgrade.


Address: 6 Velike stepenice

NO Concept Gallery: A Bold Artistic Endeavor by the Danube

In proximity to the renowned techno club Drugstore, the NO Concept Gallery at Dunav station emerges as a testament to its innovative spirit. Initiated by a local entrepreneur and interior designer, this gallery breathes life into a former public space. Showcasing contemporary art from budding talents, including art and design students, NO Concept Gallery defies expectations. The upcoming lecture and exhibition on NFTs exemplify its commitment to pushing artistic boundaries in off-the-beaten-track Belgrade.


Address: 3 Poankerova St.

Mali Prag Bistro

Tucked away in the charming Kraljice Natalije Street, Mali Prag Bistro stands as a stylish newcomer to Belgrade’s bar scene. By day, it’s a cozy retreat where locals gather for freshly brewed coffee, delectable bites, and casual chats with friends. But as twilight sets in, Mali Prag sheds its daytime persona, transforming into a buzzing bar where the atmosphere crackles with energy. Here, under the glow of dim lights, guests unwind with drinks and lively conversation, making memories that linger long into the night.

Address: 50 Kraljice Natalije St.

These off-the-beaten-track Belgrade spots weave a narrative of Belgrade’s evolving identity. Whether through avant-garde art, gastronomic delights, cultural hideaways, or bold artistic initiatives, these hidden gems beckon intrepid explorers to delve deeper into the soul of this dynamic city. Beyond the mainstream, off-the-beaten-track Belgrade’s uncharted wonders await those willing to embrace the beauty of discovery.