Recovery, restoration and adaptation works of the National Museum will be finished soon, and as soon as the workers leave the building located at the Republic Square, setting up of permanent exhibition will start and it will open on the 28th of June at 9 pm.

When it comes to the reconstruction of more than 11,000 square meters of the National Museum, carried out in accordance with 22 project tasks, divided into two studies, the part towards Laza Pačua Street was completed during the first half of the year, while this month 88.57% of  works on the part towards the National Square have been completed. Mrs. Brešković also revealed some of the details of the future permanent display: an archaeological collection that covers half a million years of human life in this region will be located in the atrium, the first floor (atrium gallery and ten exhibition halls) is reserved for the Middle Ages, while the collections of Yugoslav and foreign art will be exhibited on the second floor.

– Two original vaults were preserved in their original state and the numismatic collection will be exhibited there- Mrs Brešković revealed, together with the fact that selected items from the ancient collection of our museum will be a part of visiting exhibition in the Achilles Foundation next year.

From June 28-01 July entrance will be free