After a series of stomping events, Drugstore would like to bestow you all with the minimal wave sensation PEINE PERDUE on the 4th of April. Doors open: 11 pm 

peine pedue

Peine Perdue was born in Paris in 2010 from the encounter of Berlin-based artist and musician Stephane Argillet (La Chatte, France Fiction) and Coco Gallo. They first worked with poetry games and «cadavres exquis», before their common music taste led them to put this collaboration into songs. Coco would then develop her very personal, obscure and intimate writing and diction while Stephane focused on stainless synth driven music.

A first single «Amour Paresse», accompanied by a self produced video ( caught the attention of the re-emerging minimal wave scene and led them to a first series of concerts in Paris, Brussels and Berlin. Since then Peine Perdue has developed a delicate, stylish and melancholic aesthetic in the great tradition of french synthpop duets (Deux, Elli & Jacno, Martin Dupont…), mixed to a very personal, literary and cinematographic sensibility led by the mesmeric and obsessive sensuality of Coco’s voice. They released in 2012 a music tape with english label Vocoder Tapes, soon followed in 2013 by a 6 titles LP, «Adieu Staccato», on cult german label Kernkrach records. After a growing recognition and following on both youtube and soundcloud, notably with their title «Je Penche» which greyish beats haunted the dance floors from Berlin to Paris, they are now preparing the release of a new full album with the young spanish label Cold Beats, to be released in spring 2014.

PETER KIRN is an audiovisual artist, journalist, and technologist. Classically trained in composition and piano, he now focuses on live electronic performance. He is the founder of CDM (, a widely-read daily site that explores creative technology, and has contributed to Macworld, Popular Science, De:Bug, Keyboard, and others. He teaches and develops open creative tools, including co-creating the open source MeeBlip synthesizer. Born in Kentucky, he is now based in Berlin. Peter will be performing live.

YUSYUS is an audiovisual duo from Subotica, Serbia. Formed by Nemanja Stojanovic (Neomodern) and Aleksandra Pavlović the band became / grew up from the love of minimal synth.

YusYus have 2 singles on vinyl and one single in digital format:
“Forever” is out on the Italian “J.A.M.Traxx” label.
“Symbols Of Death” is out on Belgian “Perfekt Funktion”.
“Ticking Clocks” is out on Disc compilation from Serbia supported by “Danilo Kis foundation”.

200 RSD before midnight
350 RSD after midnight









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