Photography  exhibition: Alive

Artist: Snežana Ristić

Exhibition from the 5th to the 14th  October 2015

Opening 5th October 2015 at 7 pm


Belgrade Design District, 1 Sprat, lokal 96

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Alive: Maximilian Münch, a 23 year old German photographer, a music producer and social media strategist said: Instagram for me is first and foremost a community, an ever growing circle of friends With the community, you share your love for the photos, exchange the ideas, meet people and discover places, which there is no chance you would ever find as a tourist. With 300 million monthly and 75 daily users, Instagram has become the biggest online platform for sharing photos with friends, friends of your friends and even friends you don’t even know yet. Lew Manowitsch wonders: How can you watch ten million pictures? He has his own system – he wants to see them all. But you cannot see everything. Instagram is a mixture of one’s accidental and deliberate choice.

Alive… Live is an abridged photo-diary.

Both Muybridge and the Lumière brothers used one human shortcoming for their series of pictures, a flaw  of the human eye. Motion, change:  Man is incapable of perceiving a change that is too small. He or she cannot see one that is too small, and as for one that is too big… most often it hurts! For: Everything changes, nothing lasts for ever  or: Omnia mutantur, nihil interit – as Ovid said long before the advent of photography. Those metamorphoses are the theme of Snežana’s photo-projects. In her diachronic series of pictures30 men and a baby (1991)… (not) on my side (2002)… Dispersion (2011)…??? (2021)… everything changes, nothing endures. Those 30 men are long gone and the baby is not a baby any more since who-knows-when…

Somewhere in between the  indifference and the pain, there is… a diary.Alive… Between a difference that is too small and one that is too big, between the change too small and one too big. It can be called a film of events – for there are still traces of indifference there, and there is already nausea and pain. And there is certainly joy, play, curiosity, desire, curios, unusual things…as well

Once there was nothing between a man and his view. Then the film camera made its way inside, followed by the photo camera, then the mobile phone… Once diaries used to be story. Then the shoe-box wormed its way inside, followed by the photo-album, then the computer folder, and now Instagram…

Snežana’s diary, Alive, from virtual space – from Instagram, has been transferred into a white cube – a gallery. Partly, for How can you watch ten million pictures? It is a film of events, an exhibition of captured views, but the specific ones – Snežana’s views. An exhibition of photographs, details, scenes and atmospheres which – we have known this ever since her first photo-exhibition – there is no chance you d ever find it as a tourist… Even if you were her friend from Instagram who has not

Radonja Leposavić