belgrade riverfront

Sava coast with a surprising sun shining behind, floating, but not such in a hurry and facing a freshly cold day that rises through the woods of Danube River. Passing  under bridges and ex-industrial zones.

While riding my bike through these city layers and coming across with all these fascinating, colorful surroundings, street arts and painted rusty walls of crashed ferries. I feel very happy to see there are still areas which gives a chance to create,express and read  stains all over. Simply experiencing  the existence of change.

belgrade rivers

Nowadays,the growth of the cities bring out as a problem of these areas that had been in use like harbors or industrial zones. The common idea is that they should move out from the city center.That is right in a sense and happened in most of the cities which has river-fronts. But the important thing is, how this new development had been held and what will be the outcome/impact for the city life. As an architect I would prefer to have these places protected with a new public function instead of demolishing them all by building skyscrapers.

belgrade bridges

25 maj bazen

The dynamics of the transportation and production leaves a mark on the city’s memory.

I am glad to see, somehow, Belgrade had been capable of not being like the other capital cities with river passing through. And as a city , it is very easy to access public spaces for all ages, feeling very secure, less sign-plates, not over exaggerated and polished, living a sincere life.

25 maj beograd


belgrade rivers

I hope it will remain like this by keeping the environmental awareness. It is very exciting to see that a city is growing underground culture with open-mindedness to the new  and also protecting the value of the memory.


 by Nilüfer Karanfil