Exhibition lasts from 28th  November  to  17th December 2016

Opening:  28th November 2016 at 7 pm


Belgrade Design District, 1 floor, lokal 96

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The person behind Sailing Along is Sanja Pavlović. She is currently living and working in Belgrade, where she graduated from the department of Scandinavian languages and literature. During her studies, she developed a great interest in children’s literature and illustration, and the influence of Scandinavia and the life in the far north is quite present in her illustrations. Except Scandinavia, Sanja finds her inspiration primarily in music and long walks in the woods with her dog Timotije.


The exhibition “Home wasn’t built in a day” will be the first exhibition in which she combines her drawings and photographs, and in this way filters reality through her imagination. This exhibition speaks about the houses that are more than just walls, the forests that are more than just trees and about the people in search of a home, and, above all, a reminder that  it takes time to achieve the things that truly matter.