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Photography Exhibition “My life into pieces” by Teresa Montserrat

20 October – 25 October

20 October at 19:00 to 25 October at 16:00


Belgrade Design District, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Teresa Montserrat was born in Catalonia, she studied Fine Arts & Philosophy (UB) was then when she participate in several painting exhibitions.

After that she studied Interior Design in Escola Massana, Barcelona she changed her way to be creative using the “interior” spaces and she founded her own studio in 2005.

Her love for art, again, makes her to complement her training in 2010 with a Master in Design and Production of Exhibition Spaces (UPC) and a Specialization Course in Ephemeral Installations and Museography (UAB).

One year later she moves to Berlin, as a freelance Interior Concept Designer and she begins to collaborate with other studios, art galleries and magazines, increasingly focusing on her career towards developing projects linking art and design.

Currently she lives in Norway using her strong background as a designer, creative and artist with new and interesting projects.

The project “My life into pieces” doesn’t start as an Art Project. It was a natural need… and we can feel it.

In 2010 she begins an obsessive series of self-portraits (around 23.000), in which she tries to show herself the person who had always denied being. Pieces of emotions, pieces of his body, pieces of his life, pieces of their broken dreams. She still does not like that “others” make pictures of her.