Jelena, the young and talented entrepreneur behind the vintage shop Pinklla, has recently opened her doors in Dorcol, Belgrade. In an interview with Jelena, she shared her passion for vintage clothing and the inspiration behind her store.

“I started selling vintage clothes online, and that was going well. But, I felt that I could do better, and it was about time that I opened my own vintage shop,” Jelena explained. “By accident, I came across the space – the renters had to leave, and I thought that this is a sign. And, I am very verbal, you know, I like talking to people. For me, it was important to have a human connection. I am also happy to be a part of the city’s vintage scene. It seems that more people are getting interested in vintage clothing.”

Jelena’s love for vintage clothing was inspired by her mother’s and grandmother’s clothes. She carefully selects every piece of clothing in her shop, ensuring that they are well-preserved and of high quality. Pinklla offers a variety of interesting items from trousers, trench coats, t-shirts, jackets to sunglasses, and vintage jewelry. The hunt to discover and find valuable rarities is never-ending, and vintage lovers will be delighted to know that Pinklla sells original brands from Yugoslavia, such as Mura or Nicolas, as well as retro Scandinavian designs.

Jelena’s passion for design can be seen in the carefully chosen interior details of her store, which is decorated in a Boho style, with records and straw hats adding to the ambiance. In addition to clothing, Pinklla also offers a nice selection of bags and colorful sweaters from different quality fashion houses such as Benetton. High-fashion pieces are also available at the store for a slightly higher price.

Don’t hesitate to visit Pinklla and add some vintage flair to your wardrobe. You can also follow the owner on social media, such as Instagram, to stay updated on the latest vintage finds in her store.

Address: 80 Kralja Petra, 11000, Belgrade