✚✚✚ (Plusplusplus) is a 48-hour non-stop musical and social experience in a forest location 150 km south of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The new event production is initiated by Dis-patch Collective, which was behind the acclaimed festival of the same name (2002-2010), as well as two leading Belgrade underground clubs – Drugstore and 20/44.

plus plus
Limited to 300 visitors, ✚✚✚ is an (environmentally) sustainable and non-profit event aiming to offer a new, synergetic musical and social experience in a particular outdoor, forest context. The idea behind ✚✚✚ is to incite new, refreshing situations, social constellations and a shared cultural space, engaging local communities and participatory spirit. The event will have no corporate sponsorship nor branding at the location, relying solely on bar and ticket sales, which are limited to 300 visitors only.

The first ✚✚✚ edition will be held on the slopes of Jelica mountain, near Čačak (central Serbia) from July 3rd to 5th,starting on Friday and ending on Sunday at 6 PM respectively.

Music is at the heart of ✚✚✚ Carefully selected artists from Serbia, the region and the rest of the world will be presenting extended sets, with enough time for the music to naturally unfold in the environment. As many as 33 artists will perform over the 48 hours of the event’s non-stop duration, with a special focus on live sets that will make up two thirds of the program, focused on experimental, ambient and techno music in the broadest sense. The bill is headlined by Andreas Tilliander’s TM404 project, as well as Italian underdog Mai Mai Mai, Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn, Dusseldorf-based Vladimir Ivković or Slovenia’s Octex.

The lineup is rounded up with a long list of Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian acts: Ti [RS], Mangulica FM [RS], Lenhart Tapes [RS], 33.10.3402 [RS], Vizar [BG], Kristijan Molnar [RS], Andre Pahl [DE], Jan Nemeček [RS], Superskin [AT], Ontal [RS], Pavle Popov [RS], Moutec [BG], kӣr [RS], Cinnamint [BG] + St0rmz [RS], Timewalker [BG] + Lost Fret [RS], Andreas Hz [MK], Umbra [RS], Milan [BG], Sloxxx [RS], Alibey [TR], Springboard [RS], A//O [RS], Vitanov [RS], Moodswinger [RS], Svetlana Maraš [RS] and Luka Kozlovački [RS].

Beyond the music, food and environment are also highlighted as important aspect of the event, which announces healthy and affordable bar and kitchen offering, based on locally grown food and Balkan and “outernational” cuisine. Dario Corteze, Slovenian “wild food” advocate will also hold a workshop based around forest food, alongside a small KidsPatch program intended for kids. The event is “family and pet friendly”, while entrance is free for kids up to 12 years of age. Create Digital Music blog will also run its own tent, with workshops and informal jams of artists and audience who opt to bring some of their gear along.

An integral part of the event is the community-driven process of putting it together, with staff being all volunteers, many of them local artists. The stage and all of the accompanying objects – tent, tipis and shades for the audience – will be built in the days prior to the start of the event in a DIT process involving the local village community. The aim is to create a unique, functional and beautiful environment for everyone involved, with love and respect towards the natural surroundings and the landscape.

In order to make that happen, ✚✚✚ has published its Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1270482303/48-hour-non-stop-nomadic-event-in-the-highlands-of) with the goal already halfway reached, so do pledge and help ✚✚✚ setup all of the necessary event and camp infrastructure.

The full event site will be online from June 15th, while tickets will be available SOON online via Eventim (www.eventim.rs) and at their physical selling points in the region, priced at 3.000 RSD (25 EUR), while the first 20 early birds are prices as low as 2.500 RSD. Note that only 300 tickets will go on sale!

The final promo event for +++ is taking place on June 13th at club Drugstore in Belgrade, with guests from UK, France and Germany – Makaton, Theorist OFC and a Berlin-based surprise live act – as well as local support of Lag and Filip Xavi.