One Polish couple, Malwina and Michal Kolatek who have visited Serbia for the first time as tourists decided to create this stunning video as a part of the project called “Serbia-Land Coloured with Life”.  So, let’s hear their story and watch a video:

After reading a post about ’37 reasons why you shouldn’t come to Serbia’ along with breathtaking pictures our minds were blown away. Wow! Is it really Serbia? Is it so beautiful there? We realized that we didn’t know much about this country. And then acted on the spur of the moment. We’ve just decided that we need to visit Serbia to find out if whether it will take our breath away as well.

During 14 days we seem to have stepped in to a different world. The world in which the main role was played by the people we met at every step of the way while we were working on our video footage. They gave us  something really precious, somewhat stripped product of  the present – a degree of sincere, genuine emotions. They opened up their warm hearts without expecting anything in return. One thing is certain about this country. You can’t deny the authenticity of Serbia, and we hope that it will remain so as long as possible.

Project ‘Serbia – Land Coloured With Life’ is a video completed in using various cinematography techniques. You are bound to find  motion controlled time lapses, hyper lapses, drone shots here. We put in it all hearts, working from dawn to dusk, breaking into lots of drops of sweat, overcoming the boundaries of our weaknesses, learning patience and humility all along,

Locations: Golubac, Djerdap National Park, Danube River, Velika Kapija, Krupajsko Vrelo, Davolja Varos, Kopaonik National Park, Kamena Gora, Uvac River, Mokra Gora, Tara National Park, Bajina Bašta, Belgrade and many other small, unexpected stunning places.

Cameras: Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 60D
Motion control equipment: Varanus Multi Synchro Controller System by Foton Accessories
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Professional

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Thank you  everyone who has contributed to the creation of this video.

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So here we are, Serbia seen through our eyes. Land coloured with life

Translation support by Angloland