Within the Urban Incubator: Belgrade in Savamala will be issued a new magazine for architecture. Project office BHSF from Zurich, Switzerland, which already publishes an architectural magazine Camenzind in Belgrade will issue new Serbian journal of architecture, but also produce radio features and organize public events. All these activities will not only take place in Savamala, but will also deal with issues related to Savamala. In addition, the project will increase the visibility of artists from Serbia and issues regarding Serbia in International architectural circles. The first issue Camenzind was presented on May 24, when is the exhibition of photos of Milica Nikolic, made ​​during a seven-day workshop Exteriors (21-27th March). The topics were related to public space Savamala in the shape of radio broadcasts and articles for magazines KAMENZIND goes Belgrade. The workshop was led by Robin The Fog (robinthefog.com), artist and BBC radio producer from London, and members of the magazine Camenzind: Axel Humpert, (BHSF Architects, Zurich), Ana Djordjevic (local coordinator), Yaniya Lee, Leila Peacock. Also in this area is provided for interested artists to exhibit their works thematically related Savamala and life in it.

The exhibition and the new issue of the magazine can be found: Monday, Wednesday ,Thursday,Friday  till June 2.


Friday 10-16h
Kraljevića Marka street  8, Belgrade
email: info@cazmag.com

Workshop participants and radio interviews:


Journal Camenzind: