Monday, 22/09/2014, 21 : 00 – 01/10/2014, Location: KC GRAD Brace Krsmanovica 


The Queer Salon “Zajednička snaga” (Joint Force) is an exhibition especially realized on the occasion of Pride Week 2014 in Belgrade. Artworks created for the exhibition will be placed at various locations in Belgrade, on the Internet, in the space of KC Grad – on the terrace, the facade, stairs, in a café and in the Big gallery. The thirteen artists exhibiting at the Salon, come from Belgrade, Nis and Skopje, working in various fields of artistic activity – primarily visual artists, architecture, and design, playwriting and artistic programming. The selection of artist was based on the evaluation of activist components in their artistic practice, with a focus on the different strategies of collectivism and intervention in space (streets, buildings, parks, galleries, theaters, and internet and anti fashion).

The exhibition concept of the Queer Salon this year was designed primarily as process, a joint venture of artists and collaborators from different fields of theory and activism (history and theory of art, sociology, gender, feminist and queer studies, psychology and psychoanalysis, political science and social activism). Our intention was to work out of context, without imposing pre-set themes, and to look at the problem of sexuality as just one problem in the complex network of relationships with other social problems.
The produced artworks reflect the plurality of selected topics, media and artistic strategies and personal / political views of the artist in relation to the local struggle for human rights. Some works illuminate certain issues of activism and institutional (identity, national, neo-liberal) policies. Others raise issues of symbolic violence, identity, and personal a(rt)ctivism, nonviolent direct action, self-organization and solidarity. Together, they explore the (im)possibility of communication arts community, potential common areas of understanding and empathy in society, as well as opportunities to create broader alliances and completely new ideas for the transformation of the social system.

Artists and art groups: Anđela Mujčić, Bojana Petković, Marija Šević, Velimir Žernovski, Maja Pelević, Deana Petrović, Ivan Vukić, Udruženje KURS (Mirjana Radovanović, Miloš Miletić), Aleksandra Jovanić, Željka Veljković  i FUCKTHEMALL (Dejana Vranješ, Milan Miljković)

Contributors: Tanja Marković, Stevan Vuković, Milan Radovanović, Marijana Stojčić, Jelena Visnjic, Slavčo Dimitrov, Nikola Herman, Sima Kokotović, Simona Ognjanović

The concept and organization of the exhibition: Jelena Vojvodić

Volunteers: tudents at the Department of Photography Art Academy in Belgrade, Aleksandra Samardžić

Production: KC GRAD, Belgrade – Ljudmila Stratimirović, Dejan Ubović; Jelena Vojvodić

Financial support: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade Pride Parade

Graphic design: FuckThemAll