On the 13th of May Belgrade’s techno cathedral Drugstore will be hosting Rabih Beaini. He will be supported by local DJs 33.10.3402 and Schwabe. Find more info on FB event here

If you haven’t been here the last time Rabih Beaini roasted the Cathedral and the Black room, you don’t know what it looks like when the mass is leaving in burning tears.We were touched when he came back Sunday night, the night after, to finish what he started and rushed directly to his plane.
Rabih Beaini, also known as Morphosis is a Lebanese producer and Dj that has been on the scene since the 90’s. He is an expert for the grainy, imaginative analogue techno, and recently has been dwelling with avant-garde electronic and folklore music. He crafted emotional and exploratory techno for labels such as Sistrum Recordings (Detroit), M>O>S (Amsterdam), and Styrax (Berlin. His two most recent albums, Albidaya on Lebanese label Annihaya and Dismantle/Music For Vampyr on Honest Jon’s, follow his critically acclaimed 2011 debut LP, What Have We Learned, on Delsin.

Beaini has a genuine talent for music and a wide range of influences from krautrock to new wave that he manages to seep into his inventive, dark, and deeply personal productions and immersive DJ sets.
He is the founder of Morphine Records label that selects figures like Madteo, Hieroglyphic Being, Sote and Anthony “Shake” Shakir. In 2014, the label entered a new era with a retrospective trilogy of works by US-based improviser and Buchla synth master Charles Cohen and followed collaboration with the likes of Pauline Oliveros, Pierre Bastien, and explosive Indonesian duo Senyawa – which we had a massive pleasure to hear in Drugstore.