This October will be a blast for those who dare to dream and for those who are always searching for something new.

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

-Aldous Huxley

I Hate Models, Under Black Helmet, Schwefelgelb (Live), Anetha, Raär, Charles Fenckler, Emmanuel, Technokunst, Clara Cuve are just some of the names presented to Belgrade’s audience by the Music Reactions organization. For their 3rd annual event REACT, Music Reactions is bringing artists of the next generation, such as: acid techno duo 999999999, sophisticated techno selector Ettap Kyle and talented Reflec!

Party will take place on the 6th of October at the Drugstore club. Follow FB event here.


Mystical duo from Venice, Italy which is better known as 999999999 is taking the scene as the storm with their uncompromising live act performance and artistic approach to music production.

Sophisticated Etapp Kyle is a man of class and style. While being a resident at Moscow’s ARMA17 and Berlin’s Berghain/Panorama Bar Etapp earned reputation of a DJ with impeccable selection and impressive mixing skills, with the power of lurking the audience to his “dark side”. He’s a protegee of Ben Klock and managed to release his tracks on eminent Klockworks and Ostgut Ton labels.

London based Reflec, has been digging his way into the darker shades of electronic music in the last decade. Real breakthrough for him happened in 2015. when he released his tracks for labels like Pacific Command, Lobster Theremin and Clergy. Trough those records young Reflec gained support and respect from some of techno’s biggest artists.

In charge for the entrée of the night at the Main Room will be Bane Jovančević aka Kӣr. He’s well known by his live set performance, and for this occasion he’s preparing a special DJ set.

For the first time Music Reactions are activating the Dark Room of the club Drugstore. Their well known residents Betomeng and RAR will kick off the evening paving the way for two Drugstore debutants – young Redacs; talented producer/DJ from Kragujevac and Wagner; organizations co-founder and the man responsible for their visual identity.  Belgrade’s “techno cathedral” Dark Room will become Music Reactions Room for the night.


Techno earthquake is coming your way, can you handle it?