This is the true story about Diana Budisavljevic, a humanitarian and activist from Zagreb who organized an action to rescue and take care of Serbian children from Ustashas camps during World War II.

Using her Austrian descent, Diana called on the authorities, the church, and the Red Cross to rescue at least the children from the camp. After they were taking no responsibility, she decided to organize an action from her apartment that saved more than ten thousand children by the end of the war!

During a visit to Jasenovac in 2010, director Dana Budisavljevic receives from the head of the memorial center Diana’s diary, which is a record of the almost unknown heroism of Diana and her friends and decides to make a film based on it.


Dana Budisavljevic was born in 1975 in Zagreb. She graduated from the Department of Film and TV Editing at ADU in Zagreb. She made her debut with the documentary Sve 5! and became more popular with the family film Your Life is not a Hawaii Song, which aired at the Free Zone Film Festival in 2012.


Dana Budisavljevic


Dana BudisavljevicDiana Budisavljevic (diary)


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