zanatsko pivo

Find the best regional craft brewers in Štab. Craft beer = zanatsko pivo. High quality beers finally got their place of exclusive products in the world, but also in Serbia and the region. Made in the traditional way with the help of top beer ingredients, craft beer in its quality and its aesthetics of taste immeasurably stands out from hyper produced in industrial plants.

The whole revolution began several decades ago, when a few pioneers in the United States dared to start with the production of beer with idea to really feel the influence of hops, as the main brewers spice. Alongside rapidly develop of home brewing, and these two phenomena grew in parallel to the present scale. This epidemic struck the mountainous region and the Balkans. Because of this, a group of passionate lovers of craft beer decided that this was the right time to create the Regional Artisan Beer Festival.

From the 19th to 21st of June in one of the most interesting urban spaces, Štab gallery in 10 Crnogorska street,  the best regional craft brewers will gather and present their beers and their mission. Besides locals ones, visitors will be able to taste the beer from the Croatian, Slovenia, Austria and Bulgaria. Team of Belgrade Burger House will show to visitors why their burgers fit with craft beer.

In addition to food and drinks, the organizers prepared and interesting discussions. Brewers will talk about their beer stories and reveal why they ventured into this mission.

Day ticket costs 250 dinars. Tickets can be purchased at Miners Pub and Beer drinkers Beer Shop.

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