All raincoats under REIN collection are made of high quality and waterproof materials. Brand REIN is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. Founders of the brand REIN  are Vukasin Markovic – graphic designer and Elena Dušej , fashion designer.


The idea  behind  the authors’  starting the brand is to protect against rain but also to create beautiful and stylish looks for their customers. It seems to have developed  from the needs of people in Belgrade, where umbrellas are not an option because it would be the same loss, making it rather difficult to move freely and are not easy to use and maneuver.


Not to mention we keep leaving them in places and completely forgetting about them.Raincoats in the collection are made of water proof PVC materials, and are easy to pack.

For the time being REIN raincoats can be purchased online on their Facebook page, and will soon be available in retail stores.

Translation support by Angloland