Electronic Studio Radio Belgrade & Drugstore present Robert Lippok on the 28th of June at Drugstore garden. Follow FB event here

Robert Lippok (Raster Noton)
Svetlana Maras
Jan Nemeček (OUS)
Andria (YES)

supported by Goethe-Institut

Some facts about headliner:

Robert Lippok is born in Berlin.
He studied stage design at Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin
He’s a member of curatorial board, 4D Sound Budapest, Hungary
Member of Institut für Raumexperimente E.V.
Tutor at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music / NYU Berlin
Works as musician, visual artist and set designer in Berlin

Robert Lippok created a new foundation for his musical endeavors on ‘Applied autonomy’, his new album and a clear indicator as to what the Berlin-based producer has been up to during the last couple of years, both on a conceptual level as well as how he molds his ideas into tracks.

‘Applied autonomy’ as the latest example of his production orchestrates a certain state of frantic standstill, which occurs once a structure is set. Has this state been reached, the artist is free to focus on other equally important aspects, balancing the various shades, pushing ideas even further to really make them shine and blossom in their self-declared autonomy. The more light one lets in, the more layers become visible.

Svetlana MarasKӣrJan Nemeček and Andria will deliver that little more of local layers to this inspiring gig.

Svetlana Maras is composer and sound artist from Serbia. She works at the intersection of experimental music, sound art and new media. Her musical work is finding adequate form of expression in different media, genres and representational contexts and encompasses live electronic music performance, electro-acoustic compositions, works for radio, sound and media installations.
Maras has presented her work internationally, at venues, festivals and events such as CTM (Berlin), Espace Multimedia Gantner (Bourogne), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), Ausland (Berlin), ICMC (New York), International Rostrum of Composers (Wroclaw), ISEA (Dubai), International Music Institute (Darmstadt), Orpheus Institute (Ghent) and National Radios of Austria, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Slovenia and many other countries.
Maras is currently director of the Radio Belgrade’s Electronic Studio.


Kӣr is the solo production epithet of Bane Jovančević, resident live artist and program manager of Belgrade’s hallowed halls of techno, Drug§tore. His first release Imrali was on Creme Organization and second one Mramorje was released on Yerevan Tapes in November 2017. Kӣr’s last notable perfomances were at Nuits Sonores and Outernational Days festivals and clubs such as Golden Pudel (Hamburg), Renate (Berlin), Macao (Milano), etc…


Jan Nemeček emerged in the early ’00s as one of the most versatile and prolific electronic producers going. In Serbia, he’s been known for many years as a most interesting young electronic music talent and a staple of the local clubland. His first break was doing sound design for sough after hardware synthesizers such as Hartmann Neuron. Late ’00s saw him creating various forms of electronic music with focus on ambient and improvisatory electronic music. Nemeček’s beatless work unfolds with patience influenced by borderline dub sub bass movements and heavily based on deconstructed recordings. He gained international respect from home listeners and critics with releases of albums All Things (2011) as well as numerous EPs on CC-based label Norbu, which he co-founded. Since 2014 Jan has focused working with granular synthesis and sampling, producing the album Fragmented. He has performed in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Kosovo. Collaborations include Brickwall Brigade (with Goran Simonoski), J-House (with Danilo Tomic) and live performances with Lukatoyboy. Current activities include sound design work for various companies. Depending on the context, performances are either a techno-influenced club live set or an improvisatory modular synthesizer performance.


Andria is the new and the noteworthy name of the local experimental techno scene. Characterized by complex and energetic rhythmic structure, his production edges on Industrial and IDM, accompanied with euphoric techno hits and sometimes slightly more melodic synth moments. Andria is also releasing a split 12′ , alongside A//O, as the first release of the new Belgrade party-turned-label Yes. His dj mixes showcase complex feelings and strange emotions, through their abstract sonic structures, by playing obscure techno beats layered with musique concrète .


Thursday usual in Drugstore Garden, it’s an early start at 9 pm.