ROUTES Festival is taking place on October 1st, 2 – 11 pm, at Dorćol Platz, Belgrade; hosted by Refugee Aid Serbia (RAS) in partnership with Bitef & Kišobran.
RAS is a community organisation which began as a local initiative responding to the migration crisis. We base our operations in Bristol park where we distribute warm meals, clothes and other essential items to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.
ROUTES Festival aims to facilitate interaction and story sharing between the local Serbian population, the international community, and the refugee community.
The festival will feature:
  • Discussion: speech by a human rights expert on the migration crisis
  • Testimonies: from former Yugoslav war refugees and Afghan and Pakistani refugees
  • Workshops and childrens’ activities: including traditional Serbian Kolo and Afghan dance, Henna hand painting and facepainting
  • Live Performance: from bands including The End Is Near, Went,|sHpiritus mOvens|, Oriental Trio, Metak za Zlikovca, and more.
You can find the link to our event on Facebook here and attached you will find the press kit for the event (in Serbian and English language).