In the heart of Kosutnjak forest, at the top of the hill overlooking Avala mountain and Belgrade stands Rubin (English. Ruby) a jewel among Belgrade gastronomical offer.

The history of the restaurant dates back to the 70s when the granddad Mihajlo Vukadinovic opened his very first restaurant and it has been in the family ever since. Granddad Mihajlo was a legendary and award-winning caterer who introduced innovative dishes to Serbian cuisine.  You can grab a taste of his gastronomic specialties even today after more than 40 years.

rubin restoran

The restaurant was renovated in 2005 and it offers more than a pleasant rustic interior. During the winter you can sit in the indoor salon next to the fireplace, listen to crackling wood and enjoy the classical music while drinking cold home-made wine. When the weather is warmer guests are welcome to sit in the open-air yard with a magical view to the city, especially at night. Rubin is the only restaurant in town that offers a stunning look to the beautiful Avala Mountain pretty close to the city.

avala mountain

Rubin offers a superb blend of domestic and international dishes. You can start with an appetizer like for example fried celery with homemade jam, Serbian salad or fried zucchini and move to specialties of the house such as veal strips in cherries and Tatar beefsteak prepared in front of you. Try it a long with a bottle of Serbian domestic wine and spice it all up with a piece of Aleksandar cake made of raspberries. Music selection is always carefully chosen, ranging from jazz to instrumental covers of well-known pop and rock songs as well as classical music.

rubin restaurant Belgrade

rubin restaurant belgrade

Rubin is a Belgrade classic. Very well-known among Belgrade gents and suitable for family gatherings, weddings, corporate events but also romantic dinners under a starry sky. It’s a venue enriched by history and tradition and a must visit spot of every genuine epicure.

Address: 29 Kneza Višeslava St. 11000 Belgrade